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0010607Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Conversationpublic2018-03-10 13:132018-03-13 03:23
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PlatformOSWindows 7OS Version
Product Version0.44.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010607: NPCs address random conversation to dead units
DescriptionWhen units are marked dead but still loaded in world.units.all[] NPCs can still direct random conversation at them.
Steps To Reproduce [^]
See the most recent line of conversation
Additional InformationI entered a keep and found the occupants fighting two "dragon turtle recruit"s. I slew the dragon turtles, but the keep occupants kept talking to them anyway. Since I hadn't yet left the area of the keep, the dragon turtles are still loaded in world.units.all[] but are marked dead (but not ghostly).
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hertggf (reporter)
2018-03-10 13:15

Screenshot: [^]
chaosvolt (reporter)
2018-03-10 13:24

Do they stop once they've seen the body, at least?
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-03-13 02:55

In regards to your modding, are "Dragon Turtles" considered slow learners or intelligent in your raws?

0010366 should have fixed the behaviour of talking to non-intelligent creatures post- 44.02 but evidently not if this is in 44.04 report

But 0004424 all the way back to 0.34.11 handles dwarf persistence with interacting with creatures that area already dead, along with the known bug that (i can't find the issue report reference at this time) dead creatures will indefinitely remain on the death screen instead of eventually dissapearing in cases like slaughtered animals.
hertggf (reporter)
2018-03-13 03:23

The dragon turtles are not intelligent or slow learners and it's not my mod it's ZM5's [^]
I'm not sure if the speaker saw the body or not since there were two dragon turtle recruits on different sides of a wall.
The game I uploaded is and has always been 44.04

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