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0010676Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2018-03-29 17:562018-04-03 05:53
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Product Version0.44.08 
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Summary0010676: Dwarves do not posess a break-off limit on needs
DescriptionWhen a dwarf has reached its maximum attainable focus on a need such as drink, merryment & ease in the tavern they will continue to pursue a perfect total value of that need (with its co-efficient ticking down) leading to repetitive behavior.

I am also not sure if i am contradicting Toady's intentions, but for a lack of use of the meeting zone underneath or willfully ignore socialization activities in a location contributes to issues like 0008584 & 0009961 with relationships needing to be forged on meeting zones where dwarves interact.

Other needs inflict their own impact, like a propensity to swerve against flattering a dwarf by repeatedly inflating the need to argue instead that many dwarves commonly have due to civ values making them unfriendly.
Steps To ReproduceEither through means of simply having a good quality tavern & temple, dwarves with unfettered focus in a field, particularly religion will continue to practice and maintain it unnesecarily. Dwarves may be prone to arguing which can be read from their thoughts when mingling in meeting areas or the wagon.


If you are willing to cheat, establish some tavern & temple facilities, run DFhack and use the pre-supplied 'fillneeds' command to instantly amend the targeted dwarves's needs, they'll still continue despite being positively capped off on all maximum values.
Additional InformationAny express means of facets like immoderation or religious devotion being too strong are took into account in instances where (ARDENT) worship demands constant worship (even with dual gods to juggle) and no meditation on maximum unfettered status. 0010640

Much like the dancing plague of 1518 it may be difficult to get dwarves who are currently doing activities to stop for the moment to run tasks so be mindful to shut the location off if its urgent.

The active jobs of locations being repeated to keep constantly filled also seems to muck up other milling activities like milling about a burrow 0009592
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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-03-30 14:28
edited on: 2018-03-30 14:28

A important new development seems to be that upon some more intensive play-testing in the 44.08 version there does appear to be activation that turns the need off but it seemingly unreachable for dwarves with negative or strong personality facets.

It seems that @PatrikLundell's observation in 0008584#c0038081 was correct, as tavern keeper Dakost Rirral made friends with other dwarves with manageable low statistics to argue, Tulon Oslantagath (farmer friend) especially doesn't posses a facet to argue in the first place, and is abnormally friendly which is rare for dwarves contrary to the dwarven civ culture of [STOICAL]. Just a matter of by total random chance in two or more years meeting the right person who doesn't attempt to shun you with arguments.

Save: [^]

Since arguments stopping conversations repeating themselves are apparent root of 0008584 and other issues like negative stress exploits, the gain of these should probably be accelerated or otherwise tweaked to more precisely clean up and stop repetition and/or have declining benefits the more satisfied they are until they eventually stop.

FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-03-30 14:53

A biopsy in DFhack of Dakost Rirral's <unit_soul<unit_personality.T_needs> shows that they have a needs level of 1 to argue by default which is the lowest possible co-efficient short of having the need removed entirely and they handle this need fine to allow them to chat with other dwarves and not repeat themselves.

Comparatively, 'Ardent' worshippers have a value of (10) making the need all encompassing of their time to fufill and most other dwarves have a medium range besides on exception ones like a fixed range of (10) for drinking.

Dwarves with 'unfettered' needs that do not seem to disappear are stuck hanging on a focus level of 329 almost consistently between multiple dwarves hanging out in tavern areas on the save. Like the people currently dancing in a line at the start of a save as common correlation.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-04-03 05:53
edited on: 2018-04-03 05:55

Off map monster hunters are acclaimed to be reluctant to hunt if there is a tavern to fulfill themselves within on a loop, exhibiting that this is not just localized to your fortress but to other visiting units with similar needs.

Criticism over what @thvaz called 'religious nuts' dwarves doing anything but pray eat and sleep in 43.03 0009147 is ongoing behavior of this never being capped off or returning to a status where the dwarf stops the activity like 'untroubled/not distracted (though the particular effects of each are not well known). Meeting zones create a bad mixture of pulling dwarves in to repeat actions on a endless loop whenever they enter the zone to idle.

Issue has continued onward onto 44.09

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