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0010694Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2018-04-03 17:512018-04-05 09:35
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Summary0010694: dead dwarves bodies lost their names after unretiring a fortress
DescriptionOn my current 44.09 fortress (that is a fortified village) that i retired then reclaimed i ran into an odd problem , some dead dwarves body and parts seems to have lost their identity, and so are left on the corpse stockpiles without any dwarves carrying them into a coffin like they do usually.
Steps To ReproduceOn the course of the years, my fortress had casualties of war and of other accidental reasons.
So i had in the underground of my fortress made some catacomb corridors.

As i had been atom smashing thousands of useless items in order to keep playable framerate (mussel fishing from fisherdwarves and fishers workshop work can result in several thousands of "mussel shells" every few months automatically) and the dead listing (as i have atom smashed several hundred of enemy corpses) after a while i decided to retire the fortress and unretire it to clear a bit the records.

After unretiring i ran into the usual unretiring bugs (the [url= [^]]noble requirement problem[/url] and the [url= [^]]constructed items[/url] one ) and spent time to make them working again.

Once everything was ok, i ran into the case of a dwarf drowning in a pond for unknown reasons (as i didn't noticed the event happening until the death report) after using a pump to empty the pond enough, my dwarves managed recovered the body then placed it in the corpse stockpiles at my fortress entrance.

I waited and waited and noticed no dwarves were taking that corpse to a coffin in the fortress catacombs, despite there were several coffin were ready and available for corpses.
As i was wondering if it was another case of the item bugs due to the retire-unretire process , i decided to remove every coffins from the catacombs.

The whole fortress then carried them to the stockpiles, and all the corpses and body parts went to the corpse stockpiles.
I rebuilt and enabled again all the coffin.
screenshot of the current rebuilt catacomb (it's the the level just below the surface) : [^]

I noticed that most corpses and body parts where then led into a coffin as expected, but what i didn't expected is that several dwarves corpses were left in the corpses stockpiles (despite there are available coffins and i made sure they are all allowing corpses)

screenshot : [^]

I checked those left behind corpses and noticed they don't have a name anymore (and neither their body parts that can be observed on the stockpile), they're just "peasant mangled partial skeletons"
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Saved game : [^]
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Robsoie (reporter)
2018-04-03 17:53

As i am unable to edit what i posted i add this note, as i noticed i linked 2 different bugs with the same url, the "constructed items" bug report can in fact be found : [^]
Robsoie (reporter)
2018-04-05 09:35
edited on: 2018-04-05 09:36

An observation, after more than a year elapsed in my fortress since the situation of the uploaded save, no ghost have raised from the unburied dwarves corpses that lost their names but are still in the corpses stockpiles.

It looks like those dead bodies are then not considered as having been citizens from my fortress anymore by the game since their loss of name.

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