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0010702Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2018-04-09 08:192018-04-12 15:37
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Product Version0.44.09 
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Summary0010702: Refuse stockpile option "Teeth" is not respected
DescriptionDespite configuring refuse stockpile to not accept teeth, dwarves continue to haul them there.

Stockpile config: [^]

Teeth continue being dumped (specific item: "hungry head tooth"): [^]

Combined with the fact that teeth occupy one stockpile each and never decay lead to complete filling of refuse stockpiles.

The problem is further made worse by the fact that no job uses teeth for anything.

Additionally, teeth do not seem to be eligible for multicarry, so teeth from one creature result in 10-15 hauling jobs.

It is especially bad since these 10-15 jobs for hungry head teeth are created in dangerous cavern level 3 environment.
Steps To Reproduce1) Configure refuse stockpile as shown above on screenshot
2) Knock out some hungry head teeth
3) Watch the teeth being carried to a stockpile that isn't supposed to accept them
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YetAnotherLurker (reporter)
2018-04-09 10:46

"Body Parts" is enabled on that refuse stockpile, the teeth in question are valid because of that.

For the problem of unusable parts, you can disable the parts of specific creatures on the right side.
alpha (reporter)
2018-04-12 11:47

Why are "hungry head teeth" body parts?
PatrikLundell (reporter)
2018-04-12 15:37

I believe there are two kinds of teeth:
- Those that can be used for crafting, such as e.g. elephant tusks, i.e. large enough to be useful; and
- Scattered pieces of junk enamel, such as e.g. half (undead) goblin teeth.

The former would fall into the tooth section, while the latter would end up with body parts.

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