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0010718Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2018-04-22 07:212018-08-08 08:11
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PrioritylowSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version0.44.09 
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Summary0010718: Immigrants arive asigned to squads.
DescriptionMy immigrants have been arriving assigned to squads from my previous fort. Resulting in naked dwarfs running around sometimes not doing jobs because they think they are in the military and can't find their armor.
Steps To ReproduceI made a large fort with a bunch of military. My civilization was dead so I got the king and all that. Small population pool? Retired my first fort. Then I reclaimed an old world gen dwarf fort. I don't know if this part matters. Retired that after a week so didn't see any migrants. Embarked on a new fort and started getting migrants from the capitol. Naked legendary axe dwarfs everywhere!

Additional InformationI can only assume that my naked super athletic beautifully sculpted military dwarfs are giving good thoughts to anyone who sees them.
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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2018-04-22 12:23

If you got a king your civ wasn't dead, merely dying.
fizzzbannn (reporter)
2018-04-28 07:42

One of the dwarfs was appointed king a short while into the game. I don't know about the specifics of that. There was that warning about playing a dead?/dying? kingdom before embark.

Additionally I noticed that the old military dwarfs don't appear assigned to squads while they are still new arrivals. They have to settle in first then they regain their squad assignments.
stiqy (reporter)
2018-08-08 04:27
edited on: 2018-08-08 04:28

I've reproduced this. [^] (In 44.12)

FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-08-08 08:11

I've witnessed this in 44.12, occasionally dwarves wearing equipment without being assigned (like returning from raids with loot) will leave it at the outermost edges of the map if there isn't a stockpile pile to put it in or they wont bring it inside to the barracks.

A proposed but not proven way to reproduce is to send away dwarves on missions, then have them change their default uniformed off duty selves to civilian clothes only & clear their schedule by clearing slots away from training upon their return so they discard equipment. ((personal storage of military objects sorely needed to return perhaps))

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