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0010774Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizenspublic2018-05-28 03:402018-05-28 04:17
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Summary0010774: One of my mercenaries became law giver of his original civ
DescriptionOne of my mercenaries suddenly became law-giver of his original civilization, dropped out of the squad he was in but didn't move out.
After a while I reassigned him to the squad and he returned to his duties as if nothing had changed.

Additional InformationI'm playing a very young world (5 yo when I embarked, 19 at the time of this event)

I checked in legends and here is what seems happened :
He had a wife and children in his original civ, in 2 his wife sized power by force and became lady and apparently he wasn't happy with it because he became mercenary and began to travel the world.
In 5 he came to my fort and I accepted him as mercenary.
In 19 there was power struggle in his original civ, his wife and children were killed and that's when he got the position of law-giver.

Note that this civ is on the other side of the medium size map and I don't have any contacts with them nor rumors so how he could have known what happened at the moment it did or close to and also got given a position there is a mystery, but also let's say someone had been sent from that civ to achieve that he should then have left my fort to go take his duties.

I suppose this might have happened because most people in that civ are now dead after those 2 insurrections in two decades in a very young world but I might be wrong.

It doesn't seem to affect him at all in my fort but I have no idea if it can have an impact in his original civ, I suppose this is minor but could have a big impact if he had been given a higher rank.

If need be I have backup of my seasonal saves the whole year it happened (19) just let me know how to send them.
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JezaGaia (reporter)
2018-05-28 04:17
edited on: 2018-05-28 07:55

So I just got some news from the elf caravan (spring 20) they told me this :
In the early autumn 19 my mercenary apparently lead the army that destroyed the government his wife had created by force.

Well isn't that fun he apparently can lead by telepathy or something because he was with us the whole time :p

I mean him feeling it was time to bring back the rightful government to power and leaving my employ to do so would have been neat but it's not working properly.

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