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0010813Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2018-07-05 09:242018-07-05 11:09
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Summary0010813: Being in a squad required to recreationally train combat skills
DescriptionWhen a dwarf is left to their own devices on a empty order schedule, they will travel to the group barracks with training designation to fufill their needs to learn, fight & express martial prowess despite not being obligated to by orders, to fufill their own needs before returning to fortress life on Active/Training mode.

A weapon is not required to train basic skills like wrestling (like the benefit of owning a weapon strapped to your back to use) but personally assigned non-military barracks room (from furniture etc) and officiated barracks rooms for cannot be used to fufill these needs, only group shared barracks for squad members can.

This can make unnessecary hard work to for players to please as many dwarves as possible in key areas; however it is very mentally stimulating for dwarves it involves. Comparably in the scope of the needs system with only floorspace & a single piece of furniture required for unarmed training this would be very easy to apply for personal & public barracks assigned to dwarves or otherwise and cut down on negative needs like fighting filled by tavern brawls or combat.
Steps To ReproduceCreate squad with military nobles normally; on the 'schedule' screen clear the current season's training regime (or all for test purposes) and draft in dwarves with weapons (for armed passive training) out of those with the nessecary needs:

Fighting, Martial Prowess, Learning (not all required but they will be green and filled by the activity and hence more prone to self-train than people disinterested in these facets) the soldiers will off-duty walk to other amenities like normal (armed and standing ready) citizens stopping them from being pent up from year-round training regimes set by default.

Additional InformationThough i may be a day late to insert a fourth of July reference, militant dwarves wanting to gain skills to defend themselves (right to bear arms) as well as engaging with a stimulating hobby makes them happy and more employable for squads compared to pacifist dwarves that may invest in other pursuits and be valuable in other ways.
Tags0.44.11, squads, training
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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2018-07-05 11:09

As far as I can see this is not a bug but a suggestion, and thus would sit better in the suggestion forum.

As a suggestion, adding workshops for recreational crafting could be added to the general "provide dorfs with initiative to fulfill their needs" section (together with what probably are bugs, i.e. their ineptitude to fulfill needs to be with friends and family, and mostly failures to locate cooked meals with favorite ingredients).

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