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0010912Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2018-09-30 03:342021-03-11 06:02
Assigned ToLoci 
PlatformWindows PCOSWindows 10OS Version1803
Product Version0.44.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010912: Dwarves drop/lose armor/equipment when arriving from raids.
DescriptionWhat it says on the tin: Military dwarves arrive from raid(s) with some armor pieces lost or dropped at the edge of the maps. The dwarves, in the case of dropped equipment, also ignore it completely, never to try to re-equip themselves.
Steps To ReproducePlease use the save file below; the dwarven raiders should arrive back soon enough, so you can see how they drop the equipment at the edges of the map. [^]

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Loci (manager)
2018-09-30 21:09

My guess is that you forged better equipment while they were gone. When they return, they immediately drop their old stuff to pickup the newly-assigned better items. It would be nice if they'd continue to wear the old equipment until they actually collect the new stuff, but that's probably more appropriate as a suggestion.
CrocAndBearLover (reporter)
2018-10-01 08:01

Except I didn't forge anything new, nor the dwarves are trying to pickup the other, "better" equipment: They blatantly run around naked without picking up anything, unless I'll try to reset/reassign the uniforms.
Loci (manager)
2018-10-01 13:55

Well, when I ran your save the dwarves swarmed into the stockpile to pickup equipment when the cast-offs were (finally) delivered. None of your dwarves "ran around naked" for an extended period of time.

It looks exactly like the type of "upgrade cascade" that occurs when a new, better piece of equipment is made available and each dwarf swaps for a slightly-better version. In fact, I was able to avoid the cascade by forbidding the contents of your equipment stockpile prior to the squads' arrival. Perhaps you purchased equipment from a caravan, looted goods from attackers or visitors, retired (or buried) a highly-positioned soldier, or unforbade some previously-forbidden stocks?
CrocAndBearLover (reporter)
2018-10-02 01:22

I did bury a soldier, although they were a commoner, not a noble. I made them a tomb with gold bar floors and walls for their brave deed of slaughtering 0000055:0000040-50 goblins naked, equipped only with an adamantine axe (the nudity was caused by this very bug, BTW).

So yeah, that's pretty much the only thing out of four I did. Every purchased/looted equipment gets melted into bars.

Also, they aren't necessarily completely naked, but some are half-naked, without boots, mail shirts, gauntlets, and the other essential armor pieces.
Loci (manager)
2018-10-02 14:49

"Highly-positioned" means an early slot in the military roster. Dwarves are assigned equipment in roster-order, so a highly-positioned dwarf will be assigned high-quality equipment. When your hero died, his equipment was freed. When the squad returned, the hero's equipment was assigned to the next-highest dwarf, and then that dwarf's equipment was assigned to the next-highest dwarf, etc. So every dwarf in the roster below your dead hero would swap equipment--an "upgrade cascade".

Did you wait for your dwarves to (very slowly) haul all the cast-off equipment back to your stockpile so your military could equip it? Is there a specific dwarf that isn't properly equipped after the equipment-swapping is complete?
CrocAndBearLover (reporter)
2018-10-03 04:21

Well, here's what I did in order to re-equip almost all (because it seems they're still losing armor somewhere during the travels) of the dwarves:

1. Haul back the equipment.
2. Quickly switch uniforms; firstly to a different one, then to the one the squad always had.
3. The dwarves will go and equip all of the stuff they ignore for some reason.

The militia commander of The Headchoppers is the only one who never strips their uniform off: they had ten raids or so, and they're totally unaffected by an upgrade cascade.

Still, upgrade cascade or not, this IS a BUG. The dwarves SHOULDN'T strip down immediately upon entering the map after a raid!
Jacko13 (reporter)
2018-10-04 05:48

I have exactly the same issue. It’s manageable with a small military but really stops me using the new raid feature with more than a couple of squads. After a while the workaround of switching uniforms to force a reequip stops working reliably too.
Loci (manager)
2018-10-04 15:21

The commander is at the top of the roster--he was already assigned the best equipment available so he will never upgrade to a subordinate's gear.

I have seen nothing to suggest that any equipment is being "lost", nor that switching uniforms is necessary to get the dwarves to equip. If you have a save demonstrating either of those please upload it to DFFD.
Jacko13 (reporter)
2018-10-05 06:04

Hi loci. I have just (technical incompetence notwithstanding) uploaded my save with more details in the description. Hope this helps and it’s not an ID 10 T error on my part.
CrocAndBearLover (reporter)
2018-10-06 03:26

Here's the direct link to Jacko's file: [^]
Loci (manager)
2018-10-07 13:27

Thank you for the save. There's clearly some sort of problem: the dwarves of the squad "The Decent Urns" have been assigned steel mail shirts, but they fail to equip them, even when toggled to 'replace clothing' and stationed next to the mail shirt stockpile.
Jacko13 (reporter)
2018-10-08 03:38
edited on: 2018-10-08 04:10

Thanks for looking into it. Not sure if it’s related or a separate problem, but my marks dwarves got jailed for export prohibition violations after taking their crossbows on a mission with them.

Shimrod (reporter)
2018-10-13 11:26

I also had this problem, so I tried to work around it by giving the dwarfs of one squad specific, steel, items. All the other squads still had their (iron) gear assigned the faster way: by using the uniform function. If it was indeed some variant of the 'upgrade cascade', then this should slve the problem.

So, when this squad was fully equipped, I send them out on a raid. When they returned they removed their gear and hauled those items to the stockpiles. They even started to wear civilian clothing, some of which wasn't owned y them (orn anyone else).

Only, not all dwarves in the squad did this: The militia commander and a mercenary kept their gear on.

Then I noticed the following: when [v]ieuwing the dwarves they show Squad:None in their [p]rf tab. Yet in the [m]ilitary screen they show as being part of the squad. And again, the militia commander and the mercenary correctly displayed their squad in the [p]rf tab.

Stationing this squad only activated the militia commander (as the mercenary is always active).

The problem solved itself with the turn of the season when the squad had their scheduled training exercises. Now all squad members display their squad correctly and are re-equipping their assigned gear.
Moeteru62 (reporter)
2021-03-11 06:02

This is still happening in 0.47.05.

Interestingly, despite only sending one of my two squads on a mission, both squads have now dropped some of their equipment.

It's also worth noting that they've only dropped some of their mail shirts and helms, and those are the only types of armour I don't have an abundance of masterworks of. It seems that the bug is triggered by having items of different quality levels. If all the quality levels are the same then they aren't in a rush to drop their equipment in order to replace it with something better.

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