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0010931Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2018-10-17 12:132018-11-07 15:18
Assigned Tolethosor 
Statusneeds feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformmacOSmacOS High SeirraOS Version10.13.6
Product Version0.44.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010931: df crashes on launch on mac, between 0.44.12 and 0.42.07 inclusive, if you have sound enabled.
DescriptionI'm using MacOS High Sierra v10.13.6 and can't get any recent 64it release of DF for Mac (v44.12 all the way back through v42.07) to actually launch successfully. All these recent versions make the screen flash and then nothing. If I run them directly in a terminal, the only error info is 'abort trap 6'

Note 1: when I say running them, I mean running the 'df' script when cwd is the containing dir
Note 2: These problems also occur AFTER following the instructions on the dwarffortresswiki. That is, doing:
  a. replacing SDL_ttf.framework with the 2.0.11 downloaded version.
  b. editing init.txt to set PRINT_MODE to STANDARD
Note 3: There are no hacks or addons here. Just plain ol' Bay12games download.

If I go back to install v42.06, then it launches and seems to have played ok judging by 12+ hours of playtime.

For grins i tried the most recent 32bit release of DF for MAC, and it starts but crashes out too. I even tried the LNP build for Mac (v0.44.09) and while the options dialog comes up, trying to launch the actual game just flashes the screen and then nothing.

Steps To Reproduce1. Unpack df_44_12_osx.tar.bz2
2. cd into df_44_12/df_osx
3. run './df'
4. 'Loading bindings from data/init/interface.txt' will be printed and then screen will flash. Nothing else happens.

5. Follow the dwarffortresswiki instructions to replace SDL_ttf.framework with 2.0.11 and edit data/init/init.txt to set PRINTE_MODE to STANDARD.
6. run './df' again.
7. Same result as 4

8. explicitly set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH and DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH to the libs sub-dir of the cwd. (doing what the 'df' script does.)
9. run './dwarfort.exe'
10. output is now: 'Loading bindings from data/init/interface.txt' followed by 'Abort trap: 6' on a new line.

11. now edit data/init/init.txt and set SOUND to NO.
12. run './df' again
13. game window opens, plays movies, allows creating new world, etc.
Additional InformationDidn't bother trying LNP with sound off, I assume it will work.
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lethosor (manager)
2018-11-07 15:17

0.42.07 didn't exist, and only 0.43.05 and newer are 64-bit.

At any rate, I cannot get this to happen, and I've literally never heard of anything like this being linked to sound. Are there any messages in the Console application when this happens? Have you tried a fresh copy of DF from to make sure the sound files or libfmodex.dylib aren't corrupted?

Other than that, I'm at a loss. This appears to be something specific to your system, and if so, I doubt it's fixable by Toady.

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