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0010937Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2018-10-23 06:412018-11-11 17:16
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10.1
Product Version0.44.12 
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Summary0010937: Spying visitors continue to arrive openly after war has begun
DescriptionI killed the human vampire diplomat, and no caravan arrived the year after, a goblin invasion blocked the year after that, but at the 3:rd year a pitiful group of recruits arrived to lay siege on the fortress, and I believe that is when the civ screen's civ screen changed the relation to war, although I can't be certain (I don't look at it for changes that often, although I need it to check the elven tree quota).
Using scripts with DFHack I have kept track of the number of my traps different entities know of, and the number for the human civ has increased as I've built new ones. The same script also scans for fake identities and members of goblin civs, as well as the human civ I'm now at war with. No "real" spies have been seen (earlier I've seen enemy goblin civ members arrive under the guise of performance troupe members), but I constantly have around 20 visitors (out of the cap's 100) who are "openly" members of enemy human civ. By "open" members I mean that they are displayed by exported Legends Mode info as being members of that civ. It can be noted that I've verified that new "enemy" visitors continue to arrive even as some leave.

Members of enemy civs should stop coming to your fortress unless they are using a fake identity to hide their affiliation. Open spies in performance troupes is rather doubtful as well: those spies ought to be using fake identities as well.
Additional InformationMy world is a PSV world with goblin raws changed to get them to start only on glaciers, gremlins have been made kobold size to work around nudity insanity, bananas have been changed to yield wood to work around failure to appear otherwise, all surface biomes have been hacked during world gen to contain all the plants and animals legal to them, and all glaciers have been made evil.
(Semi)megabeast siege triggers have been lowered and civ attack triggers as well. The max number of dwarven civs was set to 3 to keep the number of dwarves in the world low. I'm using the LNP r03 with the Phoebus tile set. I don't expect any of this to actually be relevant, but it should be stated regardless.

It can be noted that the enemy was "generated" in the old fashioned way: raids have been performed, but only against the goblin enemy (I've read the reports, and nothing has indicated a change of ownership causing an attack on the wrong party).
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