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0010938Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2018-10-24 07:492018-10-24 07:49
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10.1
Product Version0.44.12 
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Summary0010938: Recalled squad leader may screw up former squad
DescriptionI had conquered three goblin sites using three different squads and was reusing the now empty squads by filling them with new recruits. When the humans attacked I retaliated by conquering one of their sites with the first squad (which then became empty again), and later decided I needed to boost my military ability by recalling conquerors, with rather meager results (4 out of 30, one of which died of old age when setting foot on the embark).
One of those I managed to get back was nicknamed "H Mil 1" as it was my first human bard/sage recruited for military duty, and this should be my first leader of the squad Human Legion 1. "H Mil 1" was stuck in a developing squad. I later received the message "H Mil 62 has returned", which confused me, as I shouldn't be up to that number of conquerors (although I have some attrition to old age and murdering visitors), and I had a case of a messenger sent to retrieve someone but returning alone. It may well be that "H Mil 62" was sent away before becoming a citizen due to stress tantruming. Anyway, I looked for a place to put "H Mil 62" and found that Human Legion 1 had 9 members, but no leader, and appointed "H Mil 62" as the leader without any further thought. I didn't think more about it until I saw Dwarf Therapist indicating something was wrong with Human Legion 1, and when I looked at it, all the members, except the newly appointed leader, were marked as "traveling". Their numbers were too high to be the squad mates of "H Mil 1", but are probably the ones from the reused squad sent to conquer site 4 (with Human Legion 2 and 3 taking sites 2 and 3 respectively). A save showing this situation can be found here [^] (originally uploaded for a different bug report).

Human Legion 4 was created after the humans attacked, and has never been used for raiding.

I believe Human Legion 1 was empty of both traveling and local members when "H Mil 1" was recalled, and that the return of a former squad leader somehow caused DF to "restore" the latest known members as traveling members of the squad, even though they weren't actually squad mates of that former leader, but rather belonged to a later set.
Additional InformationThe world is a PSV world where all surface biomes were DFHacked to support all legal plants and animals and glaciers made Evil during world gen. Raws have been changed to make Gremlins kobold sized to allow them being clothed before going bonkers, banana changed to provide wood to appear on the embark, all siege triggers set to one and all (semi)megabeast attack triggers lowered. Goblins were set to start on glaciers only, and the max number of dwarven civs reduced to 3. The embark world tile was hacked by a script to ensure 9 biomes were present in the 3*3 embark area, and an adamantine spire was moved within its area to get 4 spires within the embark rectangle, while all spires were extended to reach the first cavern.
LNP r03 is used with the Phoebus tileset (and the world was created with this version), and DFHack Performance tweaks were used.

I've used DFHack as part of my game play, but probably not something related to this issue, as the only auto repeating scripts are the Performance Tweak ones. I've manually named visitors to recognize them when they petition again (and again...), use a script to enable/disable gathering zones and farm plots (once per year), a script to mark trees for cutting (sparing the booze fruit bearing ones), etc.
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