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0010984Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2018-12-24 17:162018-12-25 00:30
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Product Version0.44.12 
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Summary0010984: Goblins have eat/drink needs can not fulfill their needs without tavern keeper
DescriptionGoblins have eat/drink needs can not fulfill their needs without a tavern keeper

They get badly distracted if there is no tavern keeper. they don't get food/drink by themselves no matter what.
But due to another issue, if there's a tavern keeper, the keeper kills tavern goers by giving them too much drink.
Steps To Reproducehave goblins in your fort as long term residents/citizens
Additional InformationThey should have somewhat reduced needs or no needs for this(as they have [NO EAT, NO DRINK] tag)
or They should eat by themselves.

same as vampires!!
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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-12-25 00:17
edited on: 2018-12-25 00:30

0009270 was marked a duplicate of cats dying to alcohol poisoning, the closest example of accidental poisoning i could find to hand, but really you should have split up this current report since these are two different issues.

It is very easy without dwarf resistance to keel over and die from not refusing in-keeper drinks, some tavern setups i have heard of advised forgoe alcohol entirely because keepers serve too regularly and quickly and focus on performances instead for visitors.

Drinking (for pleasure) while no-drink could be considered a feature, it atleast is functional to have all sentient beings with [NO_DRINK] and carry on as before serving alcohol to fufill the need, but wanting to eat without being able to isn't implemented in a way to fufill.

For food/drink inaccessibility 0009711

FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-12-25 00:30

Regardless of a small cat licking ale off the floor, or a tall human/animalperson unable to hold their liquor, agile tavern keepers can kill them quickly by repeatedly over-serving alcohol. All size dilution is overcome by the quantity, goblin being quite small like dwarves without resistance can choke quickly.

Unless the keeper is actually slow by picking the most sluggish fortress member, the routine won't stop serving 24/7, even as far as im aware while they're unconcious on the floor after the alcohol's deadly side of inebriation takes effect.

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