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0010988Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2019-01-01 12:522019-01-02 16:47
Assigned ToLoci 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.44.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010988: Items designated for dumping are first hauled to a stockpile (if an appropriate one exists)
DescriptionAs the title says. Any item that is designated to be dumped in a garbage dump zone is first hauled to its stockpile, if an appropriate stockpile for it exists, and only after being placed there it is then hauled back to the garbage dump.

It's a minor inconvenience, but becomes a major one when you are cleaning up 500-1000 items after a siege and your conveniently placed garbage chute, located right at the place where you slaughter invaders, becomes useless as you watch dorfs haul everything to a stockpile 50 tiles away first, before returning back with the item to actually dump it.
Steps To ReproduceI have items and corpses be automatically forbidden on death, so the way I always see it reproduced is when I unforbid and designate sieger armor/clothing for dumping. Dorfs always haul most items to a stockpile first, then back to a dump. Anything that doesn't have a stockpile that would take it gets dumped right away.
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Loci (manager)
2019-01-01 21:49

Sounds like 0003063. If allowing "outside" refuse collection in standing orders doesn't resolve the problem, please upload a save demonstrating the behavior to DFFD and post a link here.
uristkibkalan (reporter)
2019-01-02 01:35
edited on: 2019-01-02 03:02

Collecting refuse from outside I have always allowed. All items dropped on death are forbidden by default to prevent dorf suicide by greed.

The usual process of cleaning up is pausing the game, unforbidding items by d-b-c, designating them to be dumped by d-b-d and then unpausing the game.

On your suggestion, I set dwarves to "dump other" in Standing Orders/Refuse and designated the items siegers left behind for dumping. Most of them are being hauled directly to the garbage chute now, however at least two citizens are still hauling items to a stockpile first (specifically, their job is "Store Item in Bin").

Save demonstrating issue: [^]

Look for Olon Taremsigun, Mason and Vinena Rofaathofe, Human Bard, as they haul socks and gloves respectively. Viewing the hauled items shows they are designated for dumping.

Update: Watching them haul further, I have concluded that there was no change in behavior. Anything without a stockpile was dumped, anything with a stockpile was first stored in bins, then dumped, even with "Dwarves Dump Other" refuse option (which also generated an unfortunate side effect of my dwarves running to my refuse stockpile and mass-dumping the large amount of vermin remains I had there, making the job take longer.

Is there some other setting I'm missing? I looked through the wiki and scoured all the relevant ingame menus, I can't find any other refuse/labor options that would influence this.

Loci (manager)
2019-01-02 16:47

Thank you for the save. It appears that multi-item hauling is ignoring the 'dump' flag.

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