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0010994Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2019-01-06 16:272019-01-16 08:06
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Summary0010994: Expelled dwarves are not leaving fortress
DescriptionMy fortress is having a loyalty cascade after an outbreak of lycanthropy, presumably the militia attacked a citizen after they reverted back to being a dwarf. I have expelled several citizens who appeared to be part of the cascade, but they aren't actually leaving. They're just wandering around aimlessly, causing constant interrupted tasks and grinding productivity at my fortress to a halt. I could have the militia kill them, but I am worried that will worsen the cascade, as they're still part of my civilization.
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The dwarves who are not leaving are Uzol Obeklelum and Reg Amugcatten.
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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2019-01-07 00:18

If they're causing job interruptions without being marked as hostile, they're probably subject to the same weird situation as you can get with groups of artifact hunters where one of the group members leaves, tries to sneak in to steal the artifact, and then is engaged in combat. The infiltrators (the rest of the group) then go covertly hostile, causing interruptions and either continue their own business, attack (while pretending to continue to socialize, etc.), or run around panicked.
I'd try to isolate the trouble makers by locking doors around them and then send a single dorf squad to kill them one at a time. That should avoid any further cascades, as there are no witnesses.
It might also work to use DFHack to set the flag to "head for the forest" to get them to leave without bloodshed, which is what I'd try before the killing option.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2019-01-07 05:06

Anecdotally, i had this happen to two of my hospitalised dwarves of four who immediately got out of bed and carried on as normal post-expelling due to were-beastism, a miner, the least injured left immediately having only a single bite to the arm.

The other two were resting at first with moderate injuries, after a short amount of time in leaving the hospital returned to normal fortress routines while being a expelled visitor type, both in the military so i sent new squad with kill orders to finish them, the most injured couldnt move out of the hospital zone so they were killed where they lay as a last resort.

So i think this is a override of the exile from them getting out of the bed to leave the 'i' zone activity, I didn't recieve any job cancellations though. Sorry i couldn't provide a save, this happened irl 3 days ago and my save has since moved on and continued.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2019-01-16 08:06

May require a seperate issue report, but pets associated with the exiled also refuse to leave if for whatever reason if their masters do not.

Pets will also become hostile and disruptive but untargetable by your squads if the exiled pet owner is also attacked (particularly by your squad now the exiled person is neutral and sanctionable to be killed) the pet will retaliate by spamming chat with dwarf interruptions in a very tame but unresolvable loyalty cascade, being pets they can't be slaughtered either so the only option is to reboot to a earlier save.

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