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0011013Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Locationspublic2019-01-26 20:042019-01-29 07:48
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 10OS VersionWindows 10 Home
Product Version0.44.12 
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Summary0011013: Scrolls, Codices and Quires unusable after first reading
DescriptionMy fortress manufactures a lot of quires, and I have several bookcases in the library. However, once they have been read, they are placed on the floor, and marked with "TSK" - presumably to place them on the cases. But, the dwarves never place them on the cases, and the "TSK" remains permanently active. Sometimes, by forbidding & unforbidding each one, I can get a single book to be placed on a bookcase. But, with the large collection of books this has become very impractical.

Basically, the dwarves write a quire, read it once, and never touch it again!!
Steps To ReproduceOpen the save at [^]

1) press F4 (to go to the library level)
2) pan the view left - the library is the last large room on the left
3) press [K] to view the quires, scrolls and codices strewn on the library floor, note the "TSK" is active, but no dorfs appear to be doing anything with the literature
Additional InformationApplies to all writing material - but only appears to have started after scholars began to arrive and a scholar & scribe were assigned to the library from my fortress. Root cause unknown.
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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2019-01-27 00:39

Note that "Store in Location" jobs are the lowest of low priority jobs (lower than dumping, possibly beaten only by Messenger jobs). Thus, this hauling will be performed only when all other hauling in the fortress is done (there are occasional cases of Store in Location jobs happening, but they're very few compared to the rate at which books are dropped).

It may be that dorfs binge reading actually store the book just read before they grab the next one (or it may be that they only do that when burrowed elsewhere, leading to cancellation spam).
Rafatio (reporter)
2019-01-27 04:57

The game is stupid agressive about tasking every loose book for storage immediately, even if nobody gets around to do it anytime soon. It doesn't even generate "store in location" jobs for every book, they still all get the flag. Other items seem to get tasked only once a dwarf actually plans to do it.

In my games it doesn't appear to have anything to do with them being read, a tantrum toppled book case is close to impossible to replace, immovable tasklocked books covering everything nearby. Books inside furniture, like in a table, are excempt from the task spam but still rarely get put away.
Loci (manager)
2019-01-27 16:59

Of your 180 citizens, roughly 130 aren't able to perform general labor (80+ children, active military, resting, etc.). Meanwhile, you have 400+ listed jobs, so your 50 working dwarves are buried 8-deep... and that number only includes the jobs that the game thinks are "somewhat likely" to get done (for instance, the job list shows 16 "Dump item" jobs, but you have hundreds of items marked for dumping).

Basically, there's no way your dwarves could perform all the work you've assigned them, so some task starvation isn't surprising. After cancelling two pages of work orders, disabling all hauling in standing orders, deactivating the pastures, removing the stockpiles, deactivating your military, and freeing their barracks, about 20 of your dwarves headed to the library to shelve books--then take them right back off the shelves because they'd never actually had a chance to read them.

The exceedingly low priority of "Store in Location" jobs can be bothersome even in less-overworked fortresses. Ordering the problematic works displayed on pedestals at least gets them out of the way for construction, though it does require considerable player micromanagement.
Rafatio (reporter)
2019-01-29 07:48

The low priority is not the bug, something has to be last after all, the relentless, immediate tasking of all loose books is.

Compare unforbidding a siege's spoils, only the things that get put away next get tasked no matter how much there is in total, piles of plants from gatherers the same, anything really. Only books end up in this tasklock, making them unmovable, unreadable and a nuisance in general.

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