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0011084Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Depot Accesspublic2019-04-16 14:062019-04-19 15:19
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PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.44.12 
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Summary0011084: Caravan spawns away from my depot access channel, wagons bypass me
DescriptionMy map has evil weather across the southern third. After my first caravan scuttled in the fever-inducing snot pools, I built an access channel from my depot to the east edge of the map, making sure it was the only accessible path for wagons. Per the wiki, that is supposed to insure that caravans (with or without wagons) spawn on the unique piece of map edge that can trace a path to your depot.

The uploaded save is of the autopause when my second liaison and caravan arrived, and I received a notice that my inaccessible depot was bypassed by their wagons. Pressing 'D' shows the depot is accessible through the east channel, but they have spawned in the west. Unlike with some other issues, the wagons do not appear if I run time forward. There is a floor hatch in the access path, but it is locked. There are unfinished paved roads in the path, and some saplings, but those shouldn't be blocking.
Steps To ReproduceI am unsure. This is the first time that I have had a caravan avoid an available access route. The save is at [^]
Additional Informationplaying with PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack 0.44.12-r05. DFHack with Enhanced Gameplay, Multilevel View, and Other Automation plugins turned on. Spacefox_16x16 graphics and 16x16-RogueYun-Agm tileset.
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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2019-04-17 00:18

I believe the description of caravan behavior is misleading. The caravan can most probably still access the trade depot from where it spawns: it's just the wagons that can't. Thus, you'll get the beasts of burden, but not the wagons.

I've experienced the same situation in the past, where I built a single tile floor across a river/stream to set up the fortress on the other side, with wide open access to the edge on that side. However, the caravan still spawned on the side where the embark wagon was, and thus the wagons bypassed the fortress.

I suspect you'll have to block access to undesirable edge tiles completely to force caravans to spawn where you want them to.
Loci (manager)
2019-04-19 15:19

In particular, Dwarf Fotress seems to evaluate and store all edge tiles accessible from the embark wagon at embark. Presence of a river, cliff, etc. can cause some edge tiles to remain "unarrivable" even after you build the necessary access. For an extreme case, see 0006331.

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