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0011155Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2019-09-24 11:222019-09-24 11:22
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Summary0011155: Military will refuse to use assigned gear (raid related ?)
DescriptionMilitary will drop some gear and stay "naked". Seem to be related to raiding (the squad that I used to raiding was completely messed up, while the others where mostly fine). Please note that the issue seem to also affect non raiding squad after a time.

-I have ample amount of gear lying around which they refuse to use.
-Removed bin from stockpiles (and set up "quantum storage" instead), because item in bins can be buggy (different bug), but it didn't do anything.
-Swapping uniform doesn't work.
-Forcing them to use a specific gear doesn't always work. Also introduce a "whack a mole" issue where one will equip the piece of gear, and another member of the squad will drop the same kind of gear. For example, soldier A will put the mail shirt, and soldier B will drop his own mail shirt (even though they are completly different shirt).
-Disbanding the squad and reforming it doesn't work.
-Affect weapons and armor.
-Not related to upgrading, or so I think. No piece of gear where crafted in a while, and the issue happened.

-No mods used (just a raw edit for cave adaptation, and LNP with tileset and stuff, I reverted the same to ascii tho).

Save file : [^]

The biggest issue is "the silver roar" squad. But you can see some issue with some unit in other squads aswell (cerol the captain of "gilded love" for example).
Steps To Reproduce-send squad to raiding, the more the better (initially you will most likely have no issues whatsoever)
-have them use a specific uniform
-watch them as they drop their stuff and not equip it back
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