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0011160Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2019-10-07 12:532019-10-09 21:07
Assigned ToLoci 
Statusneeds feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformWindowsOSWindows 10 HomeOS Version1903
Product Version0.44.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011160: Game Crashes On Load
DescriptionI've had this for a while and was going through posts here and couldn't really find an answer to this. I newer to DF, and every time I've gotten my fortress pretty sizable it always crashes on load. Usually when it says "Loading Occupations..." and "Loading World Information...". I've used the DFhack and vanilla DF and have had errors on both. I can provide my most recent world that has been crashing but forget the other 2
Steps To Reproduce1: Boot up game
2: Load game
3: Crash
Additional InformationI don't know what priority this would be so sorry in advance, again I'm extremely new to DF so sorry in advance for that too.
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Loci (manager)
2019-10-07 14:12

Please try disabling COMPRESSED_SAVES in init.txt. (0002017) That won't fix your existing saves, but it may prevent future corruption. Note that uncompressed saves take significantly more space, particularly for large/old worlds.
BobRoast (reporter)
2019-10-08 15:28
edited on: 2019-10-08 15:31

I disabled compressed saves and it crashed again. It actually crashed with less world progress then the world with compressed saves

Edit: more info- it usually crashes when it hits the "gathering world information" or "loading adventure info"

Loci (manager)
2019-10-09 19:37

Alright; please upload a save demonstrating this crash to DFFD ( [^] ) and post a link here.
lethosor (manager)
2019-10-09 21:07
edited on: 2019-10-09 21:08

Is it crashing when you load a save that was previously crashing? (From 0011160:0039536: Disabling compressed saves won't change existing saves until they are saved again)

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