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0011195Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2019-12-17 19:592019-12-17 21:15
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PlatformOSwindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.44.12 
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Summary0011195: mail shirt lbstep doesnt seem to work, it doesnt protect the upper legs
Descriptionfrom every information that is out there in the internet i get that mail shirts should have lbstep, which protect the upper legs. this doesnt seem to work. i have a combat report with a dwarf getting a beating. the strikes get deflected everywhere, but the upper legs, which should be protected by the mail shirt, but is obviously only protected by the trousers he is wearing.

Steps To Reproducemake sure that a dwarf wears high boots to protect the lower legs, gauntlets, and wearing a pair of boots with armor that should deflect unarmed strikes with ease. attack with another dwarf
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Shadesmar (reporter)
2019-12-17 21:15
edited on: 2019-12-29 06:12

i havent tested it without anything else covering the upper legs... gonna test this soon. i forgot that a mail shirt alone has inferior deflecting abilities compared to gauntlets+boots
i have tested it now. the lbstep of the mail shirt works correctly when naked around the legs.
but i get more and more combat reports where the only place without deflection is at the upper legs, when having additional protection like trousers there.

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