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0011217Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2020-01-24 22:562020-01-24 22:56
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Product Version0.44.12 
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Summary0011217: Amnesiac Companions (Reported in thread on forum, and replicated by me)
DescriptionSome companions(In my case some dwarf drunks) seem to completely lose their memories of your kills after fast travel,

I attempted to replicate this, was a dwarf grabbed two drunks, killed one in the woods, my companion reacted negatively too it, and then i fast traveled, and they pretended everything was fine.
Told them again,they got mad called me a murderer, then they pretended it was fine after a fast travel (still the dwarf kill)

I also killed a giantess
, companion thought i was "very brave"

Fast travel, they forget about the kill (and even apaprently think its still alive?)

Later on after fast travel i asked about the cave i killed the giantess in and my companion talked about how i killed it. But when i ask about myself they still dont mention it. So they must know at some level.

But when i ask about the giantess directly, they say they are a dangerous animal and dont say anything about them being dead. And when i ask about myself they pretend nothing ever happened, even if you murder their neighbors. [^] <- My save

Forum thread: [^]
Steps To Reproduce* start an adventurer
* get two companions
* go into woods and murder one in front of the other
* at this step your other companion might aggro you in which case this probably won't work?? otherwise:
* ask about yourself (they will at least say that you are a killer)
* fast travel
* ask about yourself (they will just say you're their traveling companion and a pleasure to speak with)
(This also happens if you kill things like Giantesses (big bad monsters) they forget those kills too.)
Additional InformationIts very easy to replicate
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