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0011266Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2020-01-31 12:212020-02-02 08:44
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Summary0011266: Multiple group leaders in keep cause site government to change for no reason
DescriptionKeeps in human towns sometimes have multiple group leaders in them - i.e. not just the lord of the town, but priests of local religions, abbots of nearby monasteries, etc. This can cause the site government to shift from the proper government to one of the others whose leaders are present, for no apparent reason.

For instance, in one town the keep was full of priests of the "Sect of Sponges." When I first visited the keep the local baron was in control, as usual, but when I left the keep and asked someone else about who ruled the site, they said the Sect of Sponges ruled, and that one of the priests was in control. The baron was still alive, still in the keep, and still a baron, but no longer ruled the town.

In another town, abbots of several monastic orders were present at the keep; the site government shifted to one order after another in fairly rapid succession. Again, the baron was still there. The game just seems to get confused as to which leader is in charge of the site if more than one is present.
Steps To ReproduceEnter a human town in adventure mode and go to the keep.
If multiple group leaders are present in the keep, at some point those other groups will become the site government, and the other leader the ruler.
I'm not sure yet what exactly triggers the switch, if anything - maybe unloading the local area of the keep or town (e.g. via fast travel)
Additional InformationI noticed this behavior in earlier versions (.40.xx and upward) but it was rare, as most of the time only the local lord lived in the keep. Now that priests and abbots seem to live there as well (unless that's also a bug?) it's a lot more noticeable, and potentially more disruptive.

The bug only happens when two or more group-level leaders are present; a group leader (like the local lord) + a civ leader (like the law-giver) doesn't cause problems.

The change in government has some effects on the town itself: the signs outside shops and taverns disappear, and the coins in shop chests may change to ones minted by the new local government, rather than the civilization.

I'm running the 32-bit version, in case that matters
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fulgadrum (reporter)
2020-01-31 22:54

i've been getting this too, there were at least 3 in one of the towns in my game, and two of them traded rule back and forth several times in the first month of play
Huntthetroll (reporter)
2020-02-01 20:58

This bug showed up in my 64-bit install as well. My adventurer was alive in-game for less than a day, and spent most of it wandering around his hometown. In that time, the rulership of the local keep traded hands well over 30 times.
Loam (reporter)
2020-02-02 08:44

A few more observations:
Leaving the local area doesn't seem necessary for the switches to occur: in one town the change happened (multiple times) while I stood in the keep.
Pic of the bug in Legends mode - this is a baron and an abbot trading control over the course of a few minutes: [^]

It also isn't necessary for the adventurer to enter the keep at all for the change to take place - just having multiple leadership positions in the keep causes problems.

This behavior does not occur at hamlet mead-halls, only town keeps (one mead-hall was full of abbots, but the government never changed).

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