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0011323Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2020-02-06 03:462020-02-07 05:34
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Summary0011323: Dwarven queen ascends to throne in unsuitable site.
Description [^]

In the save, if you look into the shift+Q menu, there is a pinned event.

This states that a new dwarven queen, Seto Gulfchopped, has ascended to the throne on the first day after worldgen ended. After asking around in adventure mode I learned that the queen should be present in Diamondsalve.

In the save the adventurer is in Diamondsalve, but one look around should show you that the site is not currently controlled by dwarves, and that the site is...unsuitable as the Queens site of power (overrun by demons and goblins during worldgen)

This entire dwarven civ was all but destroyed during world gen, and only a single fort survived, this is where the adventurer is from. This fort, Clobberarrow, appears to be led by bandits. As there was no monarch the game probably made one on the first day after world activiation, and did this in the empires fallen capital.
Steps To ReproduceGenerate a world where a civilisation is destroyed during worldgen to the point where they no longer have a monarch. The civ should probably have minor sites surviving (like a fortress, or camp) Immediately after the world is activated a monarch or law-giver will be generated in their former capital, but this site is likely to be unsuitable
Additional InformationThe save game has undergone some minor modding. No reactions or creatures were added, but goblins can build roads during worldgen, and dwarves have been made less likely to spam the countryside with hillocks. (and some similar tweaks)
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bralbaard (reporter)
2020-02-06 03:47

By accident I also ran into the human law-giver of a nearby empire in the same game. This empire also appears to have been destroyed during worldgen, though some sites are not entirely empty, but held by bandits and skulking vermin. I encountered the law-giver in Roundgirlish, a hamlet far to the south. This town was held by outlaws. She gained the crown in a similar event. Her name is Abuth Shoresculpted, according to legends she also took the throne in early 513. AT the same time she came overlord of the golden tundras, the local outlaw group, so in that case it could probably be stated that it was working as intended?
bralbaard (reporter)
2020-02-06 03:50

The same save also contains the bug where site member ask eachother to identify themselves, resulting in fighting (bug 10346, [^])
bralbaard (reporter)
2020-02-06 03:57

The plot thickens,

I have now learned from legends mode that the dwarven Queen was from Clobberarrow and was crowned there, but moved into Diamondsalve immediately after she became queen, and took a secret identity. So this may be working as intended after all.. but it remains questionable if moving to Diamondsalve is a good idea.

Sorry for the confusion.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2020-02-06 04:37

Goblins can't build roads due to not having [WORLD_CONSTRUCTION:ROAD] on [ENTITY:EVIL] assuming someone else didnt connect the site from the other end.
bralbaard (reporter)
2020-02-06 05:40

I know. That is not part of the bug, it was intended to be a warning that I did make some minor mods to the game, as submitting modded games is not preferred.
Shonai_Dweller (reporter)
2020-02-07 05:34

Taking a secret identity is what people do when they go to enemy civs to infiltrate for info, etc. Would be stranger if she didn't move anywhere, or moved somewhere friendly. So this all seems to be working as intended.

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