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0011372Dwarf FortressItemspublic2020-02-14 17:022020-02-15 14:40
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Summary0011372: Tools break in one hit, regardless of material
DescriptionI recently tinkered around with murdering a hamlet using a stone axe, and to my surprise it broke the instant I hit a hapless human with it. This was even after having modding the material values of various stones to be more effective in combat.

So to see if it was perhaps a fluke, or some issue with axes, I liberated a human of their carving knife and got to work. Same result, metal knifes rapidly wearing out when used in combat.

I've tried wooden staves modded in (which), stone and metal axes, and of course vanilla knives of all stripes. All of them wear out with alarming speed against materials they'd normally tear through (and indeed, against flesh and cloth they still give as good as they get).
Steps To Reproduce1. Steal a knife or other weapon-tool from a human in a hamlet.
2. Stab them with it.
3. Watch it crumble in your hands within a hit or two.
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chaosvolt (reporter)
2020-02-15 14:40

Some updates:
1. It does seem the material used in clothing matters, as sometimes bronze and copper tools would wear down rapidly, other times it took a while.
2. I wasn't able to get iron to grind down in my last major test.

So it's not QUITE as extreme as my initial guess, but it is in all contexts noticeably different from how every other item type in the games seems to behave.

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