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0011427Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Moodspublic2020-02-28 04:242020-02-29 10:25
Assigned ToLoci 
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Product Version0.47.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011427: Dwarves request the yarn of unshearable baby animals for mood
DescriptionMy Fey mooded Leatherworker 'Feb Isodor' (Feb Rockkingdoms) is current stalled at the leatherwork shop by a lack of yarn cloth accessible to them from completing the decorations on their leather object.

There are no yarn supplies forbidden or otherwise hidden within my fortress (dump piles inspected too), or recently consumed as the only supplies have been able to get this spring season were elf trinkets & the giant cave spider silk cloth & thread i embarked with which has been unused, the human wagon has not yet been, or won't come to trigger the pre-destined material requirements where yarn could be obtained.

So the fault is squarely laid upon the baby yarn yielding animals outside pasturing who can't be queued up for shearing.
Steps To ReproduceOpen save, locate Feb Isodor in his quickly assembled leather working shop with 2 leathers they gathered themselves (there are more leathers accessible, he wants yarn), then locate animals outside in the pasture like 'Bembul Oddomartob' the baby lamb. He can't be brought in to be sheared at any newly built or quickly built farmers workshop because he is too young, though like the stray baby llama both have yarn descriptors.

Or have a strange mood using yarn occur whilst only having baby animals as a requirement for the desire for yarn.
Additional InformationMigrants more often than not bring baby animals of which sheep & llamas/alpacas can be included, and blocking them with animal entity token controls of [ANIMAL_NEVER_PET] won't go far to stop accompanying strays, but mostly the annoying pet examples.

No modifications besides removal of aquifers.

Here's the save (( [^] ))
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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2020-02-28 04:28

Dwarves will pre-destine similar materials like bones similarly simply by the animal being on the map, requiring a player to be forced to slaughter or butcher some egible animal quickly. Im aware trolls have yarn but the caverns are not penetrated if the mooded dwarf was targeting a adult troll as the desired source instead.

To my knowledge its not possible to remove the yarn from the baby animal's raws as children castes do not exist seperately.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2020-02-28 04:55

The only reason the leatherworker wanted the yarn would be in application with 0008004 because leather & yarn are similarly [ITEMS_HARD] tagged (yarn inherits from hair) and yarn doesnt have its own material entry like [MATERIAL_TEMPLATE:SILK_TEMPLATE] for hairs to be processed into.

'Hair' can also be item-laundered into yarn cloth type forcefully hence the possible confusion when other animals are present by just having it dyed 0004132 (though i have not tested this personally myself in recent versions)

Possibly a child/duplicate of 0004416
Loci (manager)
2020-02-28 10:00

A. The majority of strange mood requests make no allowance for the presence or absence of the material on site, so any wooly critters are irrelevant.

B. You had ample opportunity to purchase wool in multiple forms at embark and from the first dwarven caravan. Failure to do so is player error, not a bug.

C. You can also recover wool from creatures via butchering, so your dwarf's demand isn't even unmeetable despite your lack of planning and preparation.

D. Strange moods are intended to be a challenge, not a cakewalk. They should not always complete successfully, particularly if the player isn't prepared. I've had one fail because I couldn't provide a vermin corpse on demand, despite having cats and vermin on site. Failure is an intended part of the story.

E. All of this information is readily available on the wiki and in the forums. The bugtracker is not a good venue for learning game concepts.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2020-02-28 13:34

Please; there is no need to be confrontational @Loci.
Yes i may have had a opportunity in the previous Autumnal caravan to buy yarn (which is good advice anyway). But the technicality of the issue report is that's a folly becuase i would have used the material that was there already, not presently attached to the animal and never encountered this bug in the first place.

Febs Favorite color is also sandy taupe, the exact same as the baby llama's hair in the save, which yarn and hair are the same object. The wiki if credited to be well-upkept as a source makes a particular mention to dwarves fixating on overlaps with their preferences & making reassessments on objects such as adamantine on availiblity that does not make my pre-destination or least dwarves making a active decision on what materials to use being redundant.

Baby Llama: (( [^] ))
Feb's Preferences (( [^] ))
Wiki Section on demands (( [^] ))

The mood started on the 8th of Hematite at the start of the season way out of range of the Dwarven Trading Season.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2020-02-28 13:42

A constructive way to test this further would be to grow the Baby Llama and the pet sheep yarn-bearing animals to adulthood with DFhack to shear & spin directly, or item spawn yarn cloth, to see if the dwarf has developed a fixation upon the Llama's wool or otherwise specifically for a test.

Then i think we could mutually agree based on the result, if it did not turn up anything helpful to progressing the report that we both looked into it to the best of our abilities and this can be closed with no change.
Huntthetroll (reporter)
2020-02-28 14:18

The llama's description says that its hair color is cinnamon, though. It's *skin* is sandy taupe. I think this material request was just random, not related to the moody dwarf's preferences.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2020-02-28 15:58

Thank you for pointing that out @Huntthetroll, it appears that i've misread while gathering together my evidence. I have no further supplied points to bring so whatever Loci chooses ill leave it at that.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2020-02-29 10:25

A informational update, slaughtering the baby-llama on the save freed up a considerable amount of 8 wool to be spun that resolved the mood by offering access to yarn eventually, but still leaves questions unanswered on whether the dwarf knew the fact before starting in the same vein as the issue report's detail.

So if a player were unlucky to have a mooded dwarf's specific preference for the pet sheep's wool and insistent only only using it, they would have been unable to slaughter or shear to access it in either circumstance.

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