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0011450Dwarf FortressArtistic Images (engravings etc)public2020-03-10 04:072020-03-10 09:56
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Summary0011450: Slabs display the incorrect secret title
DescriptionIn modded worlds with multiple secrets, it is not uncommon to find slabs that are engraved with the incorrect secret name. Common enough to happen at least several times per world.

Not a huge deal, but might be related to other issues.

I've uploaded a file with the following slabs displaying the wrong secret: [^]

Flickeredstances the Heavenly Rights - Says "the secrets of the dragon warrior" but actually teaches "the secrets of the fire gods".
Gristlesin - Says "the secrets of the guts" but actually teaches "the secrets of the drunken master".
Gravedies - Says "the secrets of life and death" but actually teaches "the secrets of the netherrealm".
Gravedoomed - Says "the secrets of blood magic" but actually teaches "the secrets of brutality".

Notably all of these secrets share spheres with the secret they actually relate to, (FIRE, DEPRAVITY, DEATH and MURDER, respectively) and the displayed title is in each case the one that is further down in the raws. It might always take the title from the last secret that shares a sphere with the actual secret contained.

There are also numerous slabs that don't have a title at all, but that might not be a bug.
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indigofenix (reporter)
2020-03-10 09:56

Seems that this is indeed the case; the writing on a slab is always the last one in the raws that matches spheres with the actual secret. Also, if the last secret in the raws has no spheres (meaning that it matches any sphere) ALL slabs will have that last secret's name as their title.

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