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0011460Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2020-03-14 09:472020-03-14 09:47
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Product Version0.47.04 
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Summary0011460: Foul blendec creature lacks PET_ANIMAL interaction, have skin-covered heads despite those supposedly being skeletal
DescriptionFoul blendecs lack the PET interaction given to other creatures in 0.47.01. This is presumably an oversight, due to foul blendecs not being able to spit, which was stated to be the basis for selecting creatures to obtain PET_ANIMAL.

Foul blendecs have a layer of skin-tissue on their heads, despite being described as having "the empty-eyed skull of a goat", which leads one to believe that the skull is laid bare. Semi-official DF art also supports this (see additional info).
Foul blendecs also have (mostly skin-based) nose and ears.
Steps To ReproduceLook at the raws for the latest version, CREATURE:BLENDEC_FOUL does not have INTERACTION:PET_ANIMAL.

The second issue can also be deduced in the raws. Foul blendecs use the standard [BODY_DETAIL_PLAN:VERTEBRATE_TISSUE_LAYERS:SKIN:FAT:MUSCLE:BONE:CARTILAGE] which applies skin to their heads, but they do not have any token removing it. It can also be tested practically:

1. Play as a Grand Master Fighter rhinoceros man (in arena/adventurer mode). 2. Grab a foul blendec by the head with your hand, then pinch it using wrestling.
3. Watch the skin tear.

They have :2EARS:NOSE: included in their BODY string.
Additional InformationA crayon drawing by Zach, of a foul blendec with no facial skin/features: [^]
The premium graphics set ("Mephday") too uses a bare-skull foul blendec (7th row, 5th column): [^]
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