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0011498Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2020-04-07 16:142020-04-13 12:01
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PlatformOSWindows 10OS Version
Product Version0.47.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011498: Miners get stuck with No Job and Attend Meeting on the last place they dug
DescriptionAs I was mining around the Magma sea lvl, one of my miners got stuck alternig between "attend meeting" and "no job" after they dig the last place I've sent them. So I first tried to send him dig some more around to see if his state would reset to normal so he could come back and eat\drink. He did respond to the digging designation that are CLOSE to him. The thing is, as I did this, another miner got stuck within the same paterns on the same cave. I tried to burrow the civilian, and nothing. I've put them on the military and tried station, and nothing. They do change to their military status, but only move within the same space of the buggy cave, like there was an invisible burrow. I tried once more mining around them, and another one got stuck. Seems to be this only part of the map.
Steps To ReproduceNot sure. In the example, the game was fine until I've reached the magma Sea.
Additional InformationI'm playing Vannilla with no third party programs. Only change I've made on RAWS was to change tileset looks of the Minecart and Wheelbarrow.
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Shonai_Dweller (reporter)
2020-04-07 20:09

You'll need to upload a save. In a complex simulation is nearly impossible to just guess the cause a bug.
Upload here (zip up the data/save/region1 folder) and add a comment with a link: [^]
Virstone (reporter)
2020-04-08 08:48

Here is the link with the save. [^]

Unfortunately the third miner just got stuck as well, so not sure if its going to repeat once more until we run out of miners. In addition, I had the same bug as the report 0011495, where I started the game with a message of a dwarf becoming a recruit even though I didnt have any military at the time. He was from a previous fort and had that fort's military assigned to him as well. I'm saying this because I think he was the first miner that got stuck on this. His name is ├Ęzum Olinsibrek "Stonehugger". I didnt got any impossible job cancelation as that report, but it seems that they are related. All "Stonehugger" was from this previous fort.
PatrikLundell (reporter)
2020-04-09 00:58

No idea what's really going on, but the Stonehugger is stuck with "Attend Meeting", presumably with the mayor for some yelling, while the mayor doesn't seem to care.

Also, nobody is bringing food or water as you'd expect them to do.

The two others can be placed in a squad after dumping their mining profession and gradually stationed closer and closer to the way up, until they can be herded to the level above and released from the squad, after they run away upwards with "Drink" as their jobs. Obviously, they should have done that on their own, without being herded.

Teleporting the three units up to the corridor the level above also releases them to run away for their drinks (including the one who wanted a meeting).
Virstone (reporter)
2020-04-09 23:41

I'm reading your workaround just after their deaths.

After they died, nobody went down to get their bodies either, neither their clothes. They all got their names on respectives coffins, but none of the other dwarves want go down there.

Seems like a cursed spot.
Virstone (reporter)
2020-04-13 12:01

Solved the mistery. It is not a bug, but my own stupidity. As I was going through 44.12, same problem happend. The thing is, I was using ramps to dig, so I could later use a minecart, and the way the last ramp was dug, let the miners in, but not out. I've downloaded the save and dug around the entrance to make a better pathing, and it worked out. Everybody got out alive.

Sorry for this mistake. What do we need to do to close this?

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