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0011522Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Travelpublic2020-04-20 17:482020-04-22 06:03
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PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version0.47.03 
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Summary0011522: Bogeymen constantly shapeshift and are not tracked, constant ever increasing swarm
DescriptionWhen traveling on my world in Adventure mode, I noticed that bogeymen in this world seem to have this mysterious ability to turn into all kinds of animals, running Meph DF on 47.03 it is extremely obnoxious for even a superpowered adventurer to survive an entire night of these bogeymen when they seem to spawn in ever-increasing numbers, as the transformed bogeymen seem to be not counted as bogeymen, killing them does not cause the event to disappear.
Steps To ReproduceUncertain about steps to reproduce this bug, but whatever is giving this ability to bogeymen seems to be making them spawn endlessly.

Enclosed is the region of which this occurred in. [^]
Additional InformationRunning Meph DF on 47.03 means that this may not necessarily be a dwarf fortress bug, but I couldn't find anything in Meph that should cause this.
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Shonai_Dweller (reporter)
2020-04-20 22:21
edited on: 2020-04-20 22:22

I assume you don't mean 47.03. You really need to search for an evil area owned by a nightmare demon to locate a bogeyman. They don't exist anywhere else any more.

If you really are playing 47.03 then presumably it's something your mod has added. Better ask in that mod's thread.

Pegboard (reporter)
2020-04-21 05:45
edited on: 2020-04-21 05:46

Meph is running on 47.03 currently, but I couldn't find anything within Meph that I believed should be causing such a problem.

I would mention that it is incredibly unusual for me to actually encounter bogeymen, I've only encountered them twice after sleeping outside of towns dozens of times and constantly traveling at night.

Sarmatian123 (reporter)
2020-04-22 06:03

If bogeymen were turned into normal animals, in some regions, then the same bugs affecting animals plague also animal spawns of bogeymen?

For some reason it is impossible to kill some animal species off in the Adventure Mode, due this bug, which seems to be replicating endless numbers of even very rare species sometimes. Not to mention generated lag and crashes to desktop by those endless animal spawns.

Combat reports are cluttered with reports of animals just avoiding entirely combat and fleeing. Then you see the same animals again with "recruit" title. So, to tell someone about some truly epic combat encounter, you need to go through 400+ pages (1640x1280 screen size) of fleeing animals, before you can find that single lone line with combat in it.

Shooting some birds from empty sky is impossible. Birds just lie in mid-air to rest and to recover and are during this time 100% bullet invulnerable.

I would imagine bogeymen should cause lots of similar mayhem now, when in some regions are considered mere animals without any explicit limitations put on them.

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