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0011536Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2020-05-06 06:312020-05-07 12:44
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 10
Product Version0.47.04 
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Summary0011536: "outcasts" spawning in sites and outnumbering normal citizens (modded)
DescriptionThis is somewhat tricky to describe. The crux of it is that in a mod I'm working on, generating a world results in a great deal of sites populated by "outcasts" which outnumber the normal citizens of that site, according to Legendsviwer. This does not seem to be an issue with Legendsviewer itself, as viewing the site population with fortress mode's world menu also shows a disproportionate population that aligns with the data given. You get things like hamlets with 400 or 500 citizens, most of which are "outcasts". The trickiest thing is that if you were to explore those sites in adventure mode, the outcast populations would shrink drastically for vanish if you then saved and exported the data again.

So essentially, something is creating phantom populations of NPCs that slow down world generation and probably cause other problems I haven't realized yet.
Steps To ReproduceGenerate a world with my mod. So you don't need to do this, a save for you to look over has been provided. Exporting the data of this save and looking at the sites in Legendsviewer should explain the situation. [^]
Additional InformationThis is just my hypothesis, but I do think it has something to do with the raws rather than a bug in DF's executable. After all, if that was the case these outcasts would spawn in every world generated by the game, but they have only done so in this mod I am working on. So I think some raw parameter is causing this error, one that can be fixed if it can only be located.
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bralbaard (reporter)
2020-05-07 12:00

This happens in unmodded games at well. In the museum III game (unmodded) at the forums the same issue occurs. Outcast populations disappear completely after an adventurer visits the site. In the museum game this caused populations to drop by over 25000, or 40% of all humans, after an adventurer visited several sites.

Discussion on the issue starts here: [^]

Emilovich has a post with a more detailed analysis here: [^]
PatrikLundell (reporter)
2020-05-07 12:44

Saw the same thing when looking at the two enemy civ sites economically linked to my fortress. Both of them supposedly had a couple of hundred human outcasts (and a smattering of other inhabitants).

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