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0011563Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Missionspublic2020-06-19 16:542020-06-19 17:21
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PriorityhighSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformPCOSWindows 7 64bitOS Version
Product Version0.47.04 
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Summary0011563: Military Squad delayed for months by trapped wardogs return duplicated.
DescriptionI sent two of my military squads, the Truthful Lenses and the Kind Standards out to raid the Dark Goblin Pits of Twinklelies, a 4 day journey from my fortress, Deephome.

I had assigned all the war dogs in my anti-goblin defense pit to Medtob Tunrag, miner and militia commander. The squad was gone for several weeks if not a month before I started to get suspicious, and looked up resolutions for this missing squad problem. I found the dogs, let them out of the pit, they ran off the screen.

A few days later, my dwarves returned. Duplicated.

I now have 92 citizens, up from 58, when only 17 left.

When you view each citizen in U or V, it displays 2 entries, both of which if zoomed with Z refer to the same dwarf. Both of the entries for the returned dwarf state that they "arrived in Tholzanor on the Current Date in the year 362 (current year)" despite many of them being my original 7 dwarves.

They have absolutely 0 recent memories beyond ones generated during the mission and instantly upon returning, yet they possess all the memories, relationships and personalities of their former selves.

Their raid was successful, they all returned alive. But they have returned... altered. It is highly unsettling and I'm sure it will result in a crash later, as others with similar missing raid party issues have reported.
Steps To ReproduceAssign a lot of war dogs to one dwarf. Pasture dogs behind locked door. Send dwarf on raid mission to Dark Goblin Pit. Wait 1 month+. Release dogs. Upon dwarf's return, inspect for bodysnatchers.
Tags0.47.04, clone, Fortress Mode, missions, raid, scare
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Lovemachine (reporter)
2020-06-19 17:21

Retired and unretired this fortress, all the duplicated dwarves have vanished. I located the son of one of them, and his duplicated father Medtob still appears as a singular entry in his relationships page, however he is unviewable and not counted among the dead either.

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