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0011594Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaningpublic2020-07-23 09:492020-07-24 16:50
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Product Version0.47.04 
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Summary0011594: Impossible to clean outside tiles (deadly)
DescriptionThere are NO mechanics to allow dwarves to clean outside tiles and it has !FUN! consequences.

Dwarves from your older fortresses will migrate to your new embarks. Since a few Dwarves will end up being contaminated with a forgotten beast's rotten blood, EVERY new embark will sooner or later become a hellscape as those infected migrants come in and taint everything.

Bioms without rain (snowy or desert areas) will be covered in blood. No grazing animals will survive. Dwarves immigrating without shoes will constantly need medical attention. Merchants will rot in your trade depot.

Enjoy your new life!
Steps To ReproduceStart a new embark.
Have 8 dwarves be contaminated with rotten blood.
Retire your fort.

Start a new embark.
Get migrants to join.
Witness your outside tiles being contaminated.

Bonus point: Start in a biom without rain. Cold areas are the best because you can't even pump water out to clean it up as it will freeze.

Additional InformationAdding a mechanic to clean outside tiles (using areas (i)) would solve ALL issues about cleaning tiles.

Cleaning "inside" tiles works wonders. Some people file bug reports because they forget to set one dedicated dwarf for cleaning or because they don't understand that outside tiles are ignored (for good reasons... initially).
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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2020-07-24 01:01

They do clean outside as well, unless that's something introduced by DFHack. I have an embark with deadly syndrome rain, and when I'd finished building a roof (blocking the rain), I tried various methods to try to clean up the area. The most effective method seemed to be to order the dorfs to build something in the area, as well as hauling off all the junk accumulated from 80 or so dead visitors, as that resulted in bouts of vigorous cleaning.

It can be mentioned that it's possible to make a DFHack script that orders a specific tile to be subjected to cleaning, but it's a bit messy as the order has to be assigned to a dorf by the script, as just posting it as a pending job does nothing.
Shonai_Dweller (reporter)
2020-07-24 16:50

Please post suggestions in the suggestions forum. This is a bug tracker.

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