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0011676Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2021-01-21 18:532021-01-24 14:43
Assigned Tolethosor 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformOSWindowsOS Version10x64
Product Version0.47.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011676: Crash soon after unpause
DescriptionFresh LNP game. I can also create new games and this happens repeatedly (this is my 4th). Lethosor also tested this save on Linux with same result.
Steps To ReproduceLoad this save game. Unpause. Crash. [^]
Additional InformationSavegame [^]
More info [^]
TagsSave Included
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lethosor (manager)
2021-01-21 19:27

Confirmed crash on 64-bit Linux 0.47.04, around half a day (in-game) after loading. Crashes with no utilities running, although the save was produced on an installation running DFHack 0.47.04-r4.

Of interest: the backtrace (when running "./dfhack -g" on Linux) appears to indicate some sort of infinite recursion / stack overflow, although this may also just be stack corruption that GDB is misinterpreting. It got to around 5000 lines of this before I interrupted GDB:
0004973 0x000000000048a8ab in  ()
0004974 0x000000000048a8ab in  ()
0004975 0x000000000048a8ab in  ()
0004976 0x000000000048a8ab in  ()
0004977 0x000000000048a8ab in  ()
0004978 0x000000000048a8ab in  ()
0004979 0x000000000048a8ab in  ()

These symptoms don't look familiar to recent crashes I've investigated - specifically, I think that this is not related to 0011014, 0008410, or 0011549 (although I am less sure on the latter).
Krougal (reporter)
2021-01-21 22:26

I can do this repeatedly too. Unzipped LNP into new directory, created new game from there. About a month and a half into 1st season BOOM!

Will try a fresh LNP download tomorrow, but if that doesn't work I call it quits. Playing vanilla is for deranged people.
risusinf (reporter)
2021-01-21 23:35
edited on: 2021-01-21 23:58

Confirming for linux32. Exterminating all caravan members seemed to prevent crashing somehow. Could be broken civ or a particular unit with the caravan.
Edit: well, actually exterminating a single merchant made the rest of them flee, thus not reaching trade depot and keeping game running.

> Playing vanilla is for deranged people.
Please refrain from insulting other people for their ways.

Krougal (reporter)
2021-01-22 04:11
edited on: 2021-01-22 05:59

Clean install and fresh world didn't help. Can start crashing within first week of embark.

Running an old save (not sure of original version, before light aquifer but after taverns) the game seems stable enough, as it has run multiple seasons without crashing.

So my real issue is I cannot generate a new stable world and/or embark from my computer with the current version.

Krougal (reporter)
2021-01-24 09:34

So Myk and I locked this down to it being an issue with zones created by DFHack QF. Can close. Although you still have work to do Lethosor :) [^]
lethosor (manager)
2021-01-24 14:43
edited on: 2021-01-24 14:44

Yep, I saw the thread (around [^]) and was pretty sure this was the same issue - thanks for confirming!

As a general reminder, this bug tracker is specifically for bugs that occur in vanilla DF, because those are the only sorts of bugs that Toady can really resolve. I'm glad that this was resolvable on the DFHack side, and I probably should have waited for a resolution in that thread before proceeding with the issue here, but if we hadn't figured this out, this could have led to wasted time on Toady's end, where the root cause of the issue wouldn't have been fixable. In the future, more details on what utilities you're using (e.g. "using quickfort in every game" instead of "using LNP") would help us track down the cause of an issue more reliably.

In any case, thanks for assisting with tracking this down and being responsive on the bug tracker! And I don't mean to discourage you from submitting more bugs, as long as utilities have been ruled out for bugs being reported on here.

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