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0011698Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Justicepublic2021-02-17 11:002022-08-04 14:41
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Summary0011698: Dwarves have problems removing stolen artefacts from visiting outsiders.
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There appears to be a serious issue with the mechanics regarding the stealing of artefacts. When items are handed over by a thief from the fortress to their master who is a visitor to the fortress, the visitor keeps the item even if the visitor is then interrogated or even imprisoned.

There are a lot of issues with the removal of stolen items even when the thieves are of the fortress of resident aliens. For instance I have interrogated beings before that had the items on them, only to have them keep the items on them the whole time.

Arresting dwarves seems to remove stolen artefacts, but not interrogating them. This is a problem because after being interrogated they are free to hand the items on to others. It makes more sense to interrogate first because if sentenced they may get a beating they might be stuck in the hospital allowing their master to escape. There are seem to be two issues here, there may be more.

1. Interrogators ignore the stolen items of those they interrogate.
2. Items belonging to outsiders are not removed when the characters are sentenced for their crimes.

Both of these issues are pretty serious given how common artefact heists seem to become after a few years.
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Nekkowe (reporter)
2022-08-04 14:41

Yeah, same thing here - I've had moles confess while carrying the artifact, I've had agents confess while carrying the artifact, and neither of them actually had it taken off them. Then, after they serve out their prison sentence, they'll try to leave with it as if there were no hitches in the plan whatsoever.

It reminds me of the issues with disarming cage-trapped invaders - there seems to be no good way to do something as simple as take specific (or even all) items out of their inventories.

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