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0011775Dwarf FortressCivilizations/Entities -- Generalpublic2021-07-05 23:082022-06-19 00:52
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Summary0011775: Useage of custom-defined [UNIQUE_DEMON] is impossible as 'master' is hardcoded
DescriptionWhen a dark fortress civ is generated the demon responsible for raising the spire from the underworld imposes a hardcoded WORSHIP_HF position claim over the tower as its master that is uneditable, but can be worked around to operate normally when the demon is deposed.

The obvious problem is that because this, you cannot pre-define a specific [UNIQUE_DEMON] to take over the specific entity at gamestart which is the only time they could or manifest again later in a deep-disaster. Rendering accessibility to the token redundant as lowering demons to 1 will still install randomly generated demons instead, and 0 will prevent the dark fortress from spawning totally until a later rising from a deep disaster.
Steps To ReproduceOpen up your vanilla game raws RAW's, and input a [POSITION:WORSHIP_HF] over the [ENTITY:EVIL] with some basic information of perhaps a dwarf monarch for quick reference.

Secondly but not entirely nessecarily in a seperate creature file set aside a recognizable creature with [UNIQUE_DEMON] & [DEMON] for good measure made to take over your site using positional tokens in the [WORSHIP_HF] role at the start to be ignored, but leave tokens open so a entity member can inherit afterwards, perhaps by linking entity's central race to shared creature class with custom-demon.

Finally, when generating a world, set demon count to 1 (or alternatively 0 but this defeats the point of step 2), with 1 demon, a randomized demon will raise the spire, expire at some point down the line then the goblin monarch from step 1 will take their place rather than pass the inheritable master title.
Additional InformationNot all of the WORSHIP_HF's tokens are known, but name and creature appear to have no effect, as possible changes to the position at the start are additive not subtractive least until the demon dies and the title is inherited with no hardcoded restrictions.

Despite a ability for mortals to build other towers and pits post w.g without underworld spires, only demons can raise them at the start of w.g restricting usage of dark_towers for freeform entity making with worldly races. It is also not possible to filter random demons out of the demon pool to force a selection for player made custom-demons because there are no booleans such as 'random demons' = True/False.
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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2022-06-19 00:52

I've since discovered it is possible to make [UNIQUE_DEMON]'s in a custom modded fashion but it is a ardous amount of effort to do so, taking a direct working example from @Squamous's 'Fall From Grace' modification that correctly exhibit the ability to raise spires gamestart.

However 'Master', [UNIQUE_DEMON] and its relation to [POSITION:WORSHIP_HF] with pre-coded effects remains still intact. This report can probably be closed/ignored until a future date where its relevant again.

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