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0011777Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Environmentpublic2021-07-07 07:242021-07-07 07:24
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Summary0011777: Night Trolls Storing Elf Meat In Their Lairs For Hundreds of Years After Their Extinction
DescriptionHundreds of years on my save file have passed since elfs went extinct but I encountered elf meat in one of their lairs.
Steps To Reproduce1. A sapient race must go extinct.
2. Wait a long time since extinction.
3. Go to night troll's lair.
4. Inspect items found.
Additional InformationI know they have [NOEAT] token but it's only to prevent death by starvation during worldgen. Otherwise they should simulate eating what they hunt. Dunno if I'm getting it right. Maybe they keep meat as trophy of something that cannot be reproduced anymore.

I also noticed that nearly every single or some of their lairs had exactly one coin engraved with some random guy. Those coins are described to originate from year 1050. 1050 in my world is long after necromancer takeover and all civs death.
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