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0011783Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chainspublic2021-07-20 06:552021-07-20 06:55
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Summary0011783: All cages, terrariums & aquariums have non-defined density borders for animals inside.
DescriptionThis is mostly a oversight perhaps, but despite their defintions all cages are technically 'barred' in a way that allows creatures internally to externally interact with other animals surrounding them, but not allow other creatures and the enviroment to interact inside except in specific circumstances in interacting with the cage itself.

Most seen in how males can impregnate other animals not in adjacent cages, but is not viable in reverse with males impregnating captive females. Regarding sentients, passive attempts at talking will be ignored even though the creature inside could non-start a converstational greeting & many other effects.
Steps To ReproduceWooden Cages & Glass Terrariums: Put a male heterosexual dog or domestic animal for testing in a cage surrounded by mates inside a tightly packed room, and wait for pregnancy, reverse the experiment on a non-pregnant female dog brought from outside of the room and it will be unsuccessful.

Aquariums: Put a male, heterosexual alligator/cave crocodile or another amphibious creature into a aquarium centred around the middle of a nestbox area (for example) with mates, male will fertilize the females close enough to lay in their eggboxes despite confinement in watery aquarium.

Attempting to put a captured full aquatic creature will cause it to die as it reacts to the outside beyond the non-dense border, and vermin-fish exist on a seperate plane of rules to [LARGE_ROAMING] beasts that they dont need to interact with anything other than the current tile at a time which the water inside the aquarium/code suffices.

Throw caged goblins in lava and observe slowly as the cage deconstructs, then dooms them to their fate, and repeat the experiment with goblins within a steel cage.
Additional InformationI wish to styme off the assumption this is a suggestion, but in regards to 0001590 it leaves little to be desired in terrariums being essentially glass-barred rather than glass-intact mechanically and the usefulness of such a distinction.

Theoretically the creature can still commit ranged attacks if they have [EXTRA_SIGHT][SENSE_CREATURE_CLASS] or emit passive vapors which the cage's non-density does nothing to stop.

Oxford Language Definition: Terrarium : "a vivarium for smaller land animals, especially reptiles, amphibians, or terrestrial invertebrates, typically in the form of a glass-fronted case."
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