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0011809Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2021-09-30 14:502021-09-30 14:50
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PlatformOSWindows 10OS Version
Product Version0.47.05 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011809: buggy game
Descriptionjust want to post this here before i forget this mess and that pehaps someone is a god and could explain me how this is even a thing

new to the game 20 hours in or sum, made many mistakes and learned alot
okay new fortress right
got wood chopped
dug some stone
and got all the necessary workshops up and running (those i could currently build starter stuff)
i also brought say 34 hematite with me as im still traumatized from orgers killing of my last fortrest eitherway things go fine
farming acting up and farm plot wont be build
2 guys are recovering wounded tho they dont have that prof and... there were no wounded
they stood in the fields glowing yellow but drafting them seemed to fix their brains (for a while)

wood furnace and smelter got build out of stone blocks
after some weird fuz of multiple dwarves with the profs not wanting to work and just standing about i got charcoal and thus iron bars going (i litteraly assigned them all furnace operator and wood burner out shear desperation at some point)

now heres where the mistery truly begins for me

i noticed that no work at all was being done anymore accept for carpentry and havesting of plants (not really they just did the job but didnt produce anything)
next to that
no mather what i did the dwarves didnt bring stuff to stockpiles anymore at all
tasks were ignored
barrels and wheel barrels wouldnt be moved to furniture and were stacking at the carpentry not being used for some reason
with everyone moaning bout and constant messages of no barrels being avaible although 10 were just sitting at the carpentry and since they werent doing anything i dont see why they want barrels
and someone decided to drown themselves in the river (probaly out of agony, i dont blame him)
folk did eat all our booze and food tho and slept

no mather how many tasks i reviewed and checked if i had the needed suplies, dwarfs to do them and workstations
buildings i rebuilt (which they did do for some reason)
and tripe checked everyones profesions to the point of even nicknaming them to such and giving them names based on their personalities... yes i was in a bad place

not even hauling was being done which normally is the only thing they always want to do
i checked everything to orders, tasks, profs and resources restrictions on stone materials (the furnaces were made out of stone blocks so this shouldnt be a problem since those cant be restricted hence i build them out of it)
charcoal still worked totally fine tho
iron smelting was a no
mining no yes i had a pick and the guy had it on hes person but he decided too to drown himself like our last miner did... LOVELY :)

so after in total 4 hours of trouble shooting straight and breaking down cuz i just wanna play the game dammit :c
i decided to save and close the application
just to seconds later open it again and guess what
i load the world... all the stuff at the carpentry is in the pile
farms are finally build and barrels stocked with seeds and plants
heaps of metal and coal which previously did not exist
all the items in general were in their piles...
but some piles i made when stuff began acting up are now... changed?
2 stone piles were now assigned wood and no these piles were in the moantain and were filled with hematite and limestones
weopon and armor piles were now activity zones for the pets.... i cant even begin to understand what happenend there
and atlast all the things i ordered forged were well

so like... what... the game went on normally but didnt show it to me yet i interacted with it??????

it just works i guess
im now going to drink away the pain :)
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Additional Informationim in pain
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