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0011919Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizenspublic2022-10-05 07:422022-10-09 13:27
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Product Version0.47.05 
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Summary0011919: Citizens capable of flight can get stuck in open space
DescriptionThe pathfinding algorithm for citizens seems to never consider open space for finding a path, even if the unit can move through it. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but flier citizens sometimes will lift above the ground for some reason and will get stuck there.
Steps To Reproduce [^]

Just load this save and keep following the barn own man. Eventually, he'll try to haul a log and get stuck 1 Z level above the ground. This might be a different bug on its own (why is he trying to lift off while hauling?), but showcases this pecualiarity of pathfinding: once a flying citizen is in open space, they won't ever be able to path to somewhere else and will be stuck.
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Jundavr (reporter)
2022-10-05 07:50

I got this to happen three times in a row, now whenever I load that save and follow the unit, the bug won't happen. Fantastic.
Talvieno (reporter)
2022-10-08 05:56

This is an old one. I remember it happening in old forts where you tried to do this with mods. It happened a good deal with tamed [FLIER] animals as well. Having trouble finding the specific bug report (maybe it doesn't exist). Here's the closest one I could find, which isn't a duplicate but just a related problem: 0002286
Jundavr (reporter)
2022-10-09 13:27

Here's a savefile where the bug is actually reproducible [^]

Just follow the albatross woman on her way to dump a log

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