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0001534Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2010-04-25 14:032014-09-10 07:02
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Product Version0.31.03 
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Summary0001534: Broken/mangled limbs/joints can still be used for walking, attacking, flying
I was still able to walk normlaly. the knee bone is broken and it needs setting and a ligmet and tendon is torn and the muscle is cut and has a artery torn. I still walk at normal speed and it hasnt gotten infected yet.
Additional InformationActually somhow the bone is "Torn apart" and not broken, He still shouldnt be able to walk fine after a damaged bone like that abd the tendons and ligmets.
Tagsbody parts, bone, limb breaks, Movement, tendon, wound, wrestling
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-  Notes
smjjames (reporter)
2010-04-25 14:11

There was something similar where I played as some large humanoid in the arena (BC maybe? don't remember exactly) and I was messing around with some other critter with wrestling moves, I broke (red wounds) both hips, both knees, and both ankles and the critter could still walk. I wondered how the heck it would be able to walk in that condition.

For reproduceability, you should be able to reproduce it in the arena.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-04-30 22:43

This is a general problem with breaks/fractures/shatters of limbs/joints -- they don't impair functionality at all.
smjjames (reporter)
2010-05-01 17:28

Paralysis still works though, I had a hydra in arena which broke its lower back and lost use of its lower legs, even in wrestling.
jgoodwin (reporter)
2010-05-19 23:12

Also applies to goblins. I dropped a dozen goblins 10 z-levels and had one survive the fall with one leg broken both upper and lower and the other leg broken upper, and he was still walking around the LZ (in between passing out). Other broken bones included left lower arm, left upper arm, right shoulder and right floating rib.

This totally beat up goblin was also interrupting tasks of dwarves on the other side of solid walls, but that's probably by-design.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-07-25 14:22

Reminder sent to: jgoodwin, smjjames, toybasher

Does this still occur in 31.12?
toybasher (reporter)
2010-08-01 11:30

Not sure, but I have a feeling it would, all that was changed in the update was adding disembowlment and fixing some artery bugs.

I think it would be EXTREMELY easy to test, just start up arena and spawn two humans and controll one and snap the other ones joints (This can also demonstrate how joint snaps cause WAAAAYYY too much pain as the other human will pass out about 9 times from a broken ankle, yet a severed finger will be "less painful)
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-08-01 13:21

Not sure, but I have a feeling it would, all that was changed in the update was adding disembowlment and fixing some artery bugs.

Nope, it was a lot more than that. This is your report, so please test it out.
smjjames (reporter)
2010-08-01 13:28

I actually tested for this one and forgot about it. Other than joint lock and breaks creating ALOT of bleeding, when done by an ogre at least, I was able to break all the leg joints and they were still walking (as in not prone). I wasn't able to break all the joints as my victims would bleed to death before then, and I was doing it against other Ogres, I think.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-08-01 13:56

Alright, thanks.
toybasher (reporter)
2010-12-05 13:08

Seems to be fixed...I think.

I wouldn't close this just yet however. it seems injured legs never cause any slowing, only "Able to stand: Yes/NO" type of thing, you either can stand perfectly or be unable to stand, you should be slowed from leg injuries like toady said but i never see this happening
Mercurio (reporter)
2011-02-09 05:17
edited on: 2011-02-09 05:22

I just played around with wrestling in adv-mode and the joint-lock-break-moves apparently don't impair any functionality of the broken part . Broken wrists or shoulders don't make an enemy lose the ability to grasp and broken knees, ankles or hips are perfectly fine for running around.

They seem to only fall down if they faint because of too much pain.

Infiltrator (reporter)
2011-03-05 03:38

I've got a goblin thief here running at full speed with a torn calf muscle.

You try even walking with even a pulled calf and you'll see that it isn't going to happen; whereas this goblin is outrunning my healthy dwarves. [^]
Khym Chanur (reporter)
2012-02-26 17:58

In 0.34.02 adventure mode, I broke the bones in the wing of an falcon, but it could still fly, so this bug is still present.
Xotano (reporter)
2012-03-01 09:16

they still work in my game, well kinda, if i break something's leg it hits the ground, it can still wrestle with the leg and kick me but it cant stand, same goes for breakin an arm, they drop the stuff they had instantly.
Loci (manager)
2014-09-10 06:54

v0.40.11: A giant mosquito had one of its wings severed following a minecart collision, then proceeded to get up and fly away, leaving its wing behind.
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-09-10 07:02

Loci: does that still happen with both wings severed?

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