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0002206Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destructionpublic2010-06-07 11:352015-01-16 09:27
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PlatformWindowsOSXP x64OS Version
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002206: Floors deconstructed above windows leave components in open space, unreachable to dwarves
DescriptionIn building a tower, I had mistakenly built some floors on the layer above multiple windows, and had to remove them. When I removed them, the stones released remained in the open space on the tops of the windows. The stones were then unable to be used by dwarves to build walls only a few tiles away, as the closest piece of that stone was listed as 59 tiles away. However, the dwarves building walls on top of the windows later were somehow still able to jump onto the open space to grab the stones.
Steps To ReproduceBuild a window. On the layer above, build a floor/wall/ect over the window. Then remove the floor and enjoy the stone in the air.
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related to 0002163confirmedFootkerchief Objects dropped from above (such as stones from removed constructions) get stuck in fortifications 

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Salabasama (reporter)
2010-06-07 14:00

Thanks for fixing the one letter which reverses meaning making it sound like much more of a bug than it is.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-06-07 15:11

Haha, yeah, no problem.
ptb_ptb (reporter)
2015-01-16 09:27

Tested in DF 0.40.23

If you deconstruct a floor, the block produced is placed underneath where the dwarf stood during deconstruction. Which is not on top of the Window.

Even if the floor tile had something place on top of it it doesn't end up on top of the window.

There probably are some circumstances where stuff will end up stuck (maybe if you cut down a tree by it?) but it is less likely by far than it was (by the sound of it).

I think there may also be a bug about screw pumps not having a floor above them and making items dropped on them inaccessible.

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