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0002332Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2010-06-14 18:262012-04-06 07:33
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Summary0002332: Goblin invaders not attacking open fortress on opposite side of map
DescriptionInvaders often cant find my fortress when they start in the south west end of the map. My fort entrance is in the far northeast end. I just got my first seige and...the goblins are just sitting there milling about, to see what would happen, I sent one drawf somewhat near, and one of the goblins runs over and kills him, and then just starts milling about again.

I have a draw bridge but Im sure its not the problem as I have been having this problem with ambush's long before I even built it, but the ambush's at least seemed able to find my fort, but for some reason, they wont enter it (kobolds will though). They just stand either just inside or just outside the door until either a drawf or animal enters its line of sight, then they kill it or chase it till it breaks los, then it just stands around again.

Now with my first seige on this fortress, they cant even find the entrance, the draw bridge is DOWN, yet they just mill about their spawn point.
Steps To ReproduceNo idea. something to do with path finding, not sure what exactly.
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oliver (reporter)
2010-06-14 18:50

This sounds normal (and is consistent with how 40d worked) - a siege doesn't immediately charge into your fortress, they besiege it. They'll sometimes send raiding groups at you, but most of them will hang around outside until you deal with them.
Geocat (reporter)
2010-06-14 19:03
edited on: 2010-06-14 19:04

Thats the problem though, they dont charge into my fortress. Ever.(again, except kobolds for some reason, one of their raids did) they at MOST stand at the entrance and then dont enter, even the little ambush's do this. I have never seen this in any of my other forts before, they are usally eager to get inside, even to the point of walking into the same traps everytime. I have seen them mill about a bit and send out raids like you said, but with THIS fortress, its different. Its now been a whole season and they havent sent a SINGLE goblin from the siege over.

Footkerchief (manager)
2010-06-14 19:06

I half suspect this is intentional, but if think it's a bug, you should definitely upload the save (one where they're refusing to attack) to [^]
Geocat (reporter)
2010-06-14 19:11
edited on: 2010-06-14 19:13

I'll do that, this isnt my first siege (only on this fort it is), I know how they like to hang back for a bit before attacking, but for a whole season? and even the little ambush's too? I'm sure thats not intentional, I thought the point of a siege was to get in someday. The doors are open and the bridges are down, they still refuse to attack, and have for longer then I have ever personally seen.

Geocat (reporter)
2010-06-14 20:11

Im now 99% sure this is a bug now, Another season passed, The goblins packed up and simply left. They never sent a single guy to attack despite the doors being open and the draw bridge being down.
superradish (reporter)
2010-06-15 22:35

besieging a fort that is self sustaining - it has its own farms, water sources, production.. it has no effect. Sure, the goblins are performing a siege per the definition of siege - but they're not going to win by starving their opponents out. There's no reason to muster, so goblins need to try and get in. Maybe have some trolls with pickaxes or something cool like that.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-06-15 23:01

Any chance of getting that save, Geocat?
Geocat (reporter)
2010-06-16 05:19

Here it is, I put it on, [^]
ra2phoenix (reporter)
2010-08-07 10:37

I've got a siege of humans sitting in one corner of my map, not making any move to even approach the fortress, until something goes over to their side of the map. I was actually ignoring them for a while, til a random dwarf going to the river to drink "aggroed" them and they killed everyone outside, then went back to their corner. I thought a siege was supposed to actually show up at your gates, not just harass the edges of the map?

I do have a fortress buried in a mountain valley, so they may be a bit confused on pathfinding. No problem getting caravans into my fort, though.
HammerDave (reporter)
2010-09-18 23:06

I just assumed this was standard behavior. You can't just leave them there or they'll jump on the next caravan or migrant wave. (unless you don't care about caravans and migrants, in which case they help.) And by hanging out on the edge of the map they make you fight on their terms instead of inside your trap net.

I have also noticed that the sieges or ambushes which do drill in on the entrance will often stop upon reaching traps. I have started building lever-operated banks of upright spikes to handle this, as the invaders will tend to bunch up right on the spikes after noticing the traps. If the spikes triggered automatically they'd stop before getting all the way into the minefield. :D
Shurikane (reporter)
2010-10-05 13:41

Humans will not go straight into the fort. They'll wait outside for you to come after them.

Goblins, however, should always charge straight into the fortress blindly - that was the behavior I had in 40d. The behavior broke when the path became too complex and/or the fortress was extremely large, resulting in the closest gobbo squads figuring out how to get in, but not the others.
daoist (reporter)
2010-10-11 04:01

I'm having the same problem. I also have a megabeast chilling out in a cave below despite there being a path to get to dwarfs from there.

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