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0002468Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spampublic2010-06-25 06:212014-01-27 20:53
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionVista
Product Version0.31.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002468: Seeking inaccessible infant
DescriptionAfter having limited my civilian population to underground burrows, the following messages are spammed, filling several hundred pages in few seconds:

[dwarf name, profession] cancels Seek Infant: Infant inaccessible
[dwarf name, profession] cancels Store Item in Bin: Seeking Infant
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duplicate of 0000765new Parents spam cancellation messages when babies are outside burrow 

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slink (reporter)
2010-06-28 13:37
edited on: 2010-06-28 13:44

I believe this happens when a mother gives birth while passing through a burrow to which she does not belong. The infants lands on the floor and is now inaccessible to her. The spamming continues until the infant crawls to a place where the mother is allowed to pick things up.

Example from my current fortress:

Fath `03/Kirar/FW/06' Gosteruzol, NOVICE has given birth to a boy.
Fath `03/Kirar/FW/06' Gosteruzol, NOVICE cancels Dump Item: Seeking Infant.
Fath `03/Kirar/FW/06' Gosteruzol, NOVICE cancels Seek Infant: Infant inaccessible.

The latter two lines repeat more than 800 times before stopping.

The task in which she was engaged was the dumping of the rubble from an expansion of another clan's bedroom burrow.

Rkui (reporter)
2010-07-08 05:45

Yep also had that spam with a bone doctor, he cancel drink in the food stockpile, his burrow was defined in that stockpile when he lost the child (that stayed on the same scare as the doctor), and the spam began first one cancel drink seeking infant message, then seek infant: infant inacessible during an entire page of anouncement.
When i read this report i just kick the doctor from the burrows he was in and he pickup the child.
Kijiro (reporter)
2011-05-13 12:32

This also happens when a mother who has an infant is thrown in jail without the baby. The infant in my game is currently crawling around in the kitchen while mother was locked up for some dumb reason.
plenum (reporter)
2012-03-31 09:35
edited on: 2012-03-31 11:20

I've got this bug, when a military dwarf, that used to carry her infant, got seriously knockout in battle and her child killed... , then after a month, woke up in her apprtments after lots of medical care. And here goes the spam.
That is on version 34.05. The spam became much rarer after I saved-loaded game.

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