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0002605Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2010-07-09 18:372011-01-13 08:09
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Product Version0.31.08 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002605: Creatures bleeding to death after water coverings evaporate from small body parts (toes, lips)
DescriptionOkay, something very strange just happened a short while ago, after I had irrigated the farm and was in the proccess of digging the shaft when my woodworker who was about to start making some beds just up and bled to death. There are no conbat reports, no creatures nearby that would snipe him. I am in a scorching biome and he did get dunked a couple times into the river, so maybe theres a remnant of the melting bug?

I tried a few things since I was able to go back to the origional beginning save, but I can't seem to reproduce it. I should be able to reproduce the exact conditions though.

I checked with the DFprobe utility of the DFHack and the temnp was at 10081 for anything, so no idea.
Steps To ReproduceI'm not sure as I have no idea what happened.
Tagsbleeding, melt, melting, temperature, toe, toes
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smjjames (reporter)
2010-07-09 18:51
edited on: 2010-07-09 19:32

Okay, I actually can't reproduce this. It was some really strange anomaly. I did use DF Reveal that particular time, but I don't see how it woul have affected the temperature.


It wasn't the woodcutter this time, but when I dumped a block of water on them using DF liquid, two other people bled to death a minute later.

Looks like the melting bug is still around, for high temperatures at least.

Going to try a more precise experiment.

Edit: I'm waiting for the DFFD registration email to get through before I can upload the save.....

In testing it out a bit more, I can see that it seems 100% reproduceable, but what dwarves are affected and how long it takes seems random, like russian roulette. I'm trying to catch it in the act since death comes FAST. And uh, still waiting on email registration confirmation from DFFD.

smjjames (reporter)
2010-07-09 19:50
edited on: 2010-07-09 20:19

Caught it in the act, and it is in fact the melting bug, but heres the strange thing, its just the TOES that are melting.

Theres also the fact its sort of random, but its 100% reproduceable and once the DFFD email registration confirmation comes in, I'll upload a save with them already doused with water and you'll just have to wait for them to suddendly bleed to death my toe mutilation.

It might be a subset of the bleeding to death bug with stuckins.

Edit: WHOA! Okay, a dog just bled to death...... Make that two dogs....

A bit of observation, it seems to be happening when the water evaporates away from the body of the creature since it doesn't happen while submerged and they are outside on dry land for a while.

Okay, this is getting wierder, I had another dwarf bleed to death from the lips this time. Its harder to catch one of the animals bleeding to death as it happens even quicker than dwarves do.

I seriously have no idea what exactly is happening here.

smjjames (reporter)
2010-07-09 20:57
edited on: 2010-07-09 21:00

No wonder the dogs bled to death so fast, the one I'm seeing right now has brown wounds to the legs, paws, tail, and some of the toes. Poor dog.

On that note,I haven't seen the horse bleed to death yet (probably its greater size?) and I'm still waiting on the confirmation email.....

Edit: Got a farmer and his hands bleeding, his ENTIRE hands are bleeding. If anybody heavily religious saw that, they'd think its stigmata.

oliver (reporter)
2010-07-09 21:01

You didn't have any forgotten beasts or demons running around recently, did you?
They have an unfortunate tendency to have poisonous blood / breath / etc that gets spread around over time and leads to creatures randomly bleeding to death some time later.
smjjames (reporter)
2010-07-09 21:08
edited on: 2010-07-09 21:16

Footkerchief, when you see this bug report, could you fix it up for me? At the time I did the bug report, I had no idea what was going on, but SOMETHING was happening, and now I've reproduced it 100%, although who dies tends to be a bit random.


Oliver, this is straight out from embarkation, I had just embarked and finished irrigating my farms when that happened, I was as far from triggering a forgotten beast or demons as you can get.

I would get the save up, but I have to register, and the email confirmation hasn't arrived yet.

Footkerchief (manager)
2010-07-11 10:38

Check your spam filter for the confirmation email or just upload it somewhere else instead ( [^]).
smjjames (reporter)
2010-07-11 11:09
edited on: 2010-07-11 11:27

It took several hours, but I got it eventually.

Anyways, testing it out in .10 (with a regen). Since DFHack doesn't work with .10 atm, I rigged up the pump so that I could soak the dwarves in water, now I just have to wait.

I held off on putting up a save since .09 was coming out and then a quickfix was coming for that one.

Edit: Yep, still happening in .10, I'll upload a save shortly. Since I'm using Maydays graphics, I'm not sure if I should upload just the save or the entire DF folder, but I'll just upload the save for now.

smjjames (reporter)
2010-07-11 11:43
edited on: 2010-07-11 13:17

I decided to go and upload the entire DF directory, the save is within it, and under the same name. [^]

Edit: Linkage, durr

Also, it seems to be happening alot to the lips this time around, like a very extreme case of chapped lips.

Not sure if the toes are 'cured' for this version or I haven't seen them yet, but the fingers are also vulnerable. One dwarf managed to survive the bleeding of the lips, then the fingers started bleeding.

Foot, could you change the reproduceability to always since I hadn't quite figured it out when I posted the report up, and its 100% reproduceable now.

Edit: Thank you!

smjjames (reporter)
2010-07-12 10:01

You could remove the awaiting update tag since I updated it already, unless you want to check it out first.

This isn't a hugely major bug since people will just have to avoid high worldgen temps for a while. I did another worldgen with max temp at 70 instead of 90 for the one in this bug report, embarked on a hot biome, and things were fine.

Theres another thing of note, when I embarked on the hot biome desert, there were creatures in the river (didn't spot any vermin in the water, but plenty on land) and in the bugged save, there weren't any creatures at all in the water or any vermin. I think there were some camels around in one of my test run throughs on the bugged save, but those are hardy creatures.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-11-24 11:11

Reminder sent to: smjjames

Still around in 0.31.18?
RiderofDark (reporter)
2011-01-01 21:16

Yes, it is.

Save file available here: [^]

Info about the save:

Using the Phoebus graphics set. Raws were altered a tiny bit: dwarves set to [SPEED:0], dogs and cats set to [SPEED:1], and goblins and kobolds have had their [TRAPAVOID] tags removed.

Save is focused on one dwarf that has melted, bleeding toes. Map is littered with goat carcasses (amongst a few others), tiles of goat blood can be seen throughout. It is currently raining and an order has been issued to cut wood in the most-northwestern section of the map. Watching the woodworkers (Olon Kilrudvudthar, Id Tabardodok, Mafol Morulust, and Medtob Eribmamgoz (not sure on the last one)), progression of melting/bleeding toes can be seen.

Scorching biome. There is no military, there is no recent encounter. Dwarves have had minimal contact with the two Forgotten Beasts. Farmers were exposed to the first (which is surrounded by obsidian near the irrigated farms), but no symptoms have been observed. No actual contact with the second has occured. Both were encased with obsidian via Dwarf Hack, but neither have been exposed to magma or water.
dwarf_sadist (reporter)
2011-01-11 18:27

Maybe the water is boiling on their skin and the heat is cooking the dwarves. It would explain why the fingers, toes and lips are going. Their small size means that all the heat from the water quickly heats up the low mass body parts (specific heat capacity being the number 1 factor).

Try increasing the shc in the material rar and see what happens.

(Just for laughs, try wetting their genitals)
Footkerchief (manager)
2011-01-13 08:09

Thanks for the additional save!

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