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0002968Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-08-06 14:122010-08-07 07:49
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Summary0002968: Dwarf recovery problems and dwarves leaving hospital to handle their needs personally, cancelling care
DescriptionA warthog went on a rampage in my fort, rushing up to my mayor and kicking her unconscious with a few broken ribs. At first, this caused the problem described in 0000352. Another dwarf also got attacked by the warthog, causing similar issues but also canceled clean self: unconscious message spam.

Neither of them were ever recovered by any of the other dwarves (the task never showed up in the job list either), but eventually the message spam stopped after the warthog had been slain and deactivating/reactivating the hospital a few times. After a while they both managed to make their way to the hospital on their own however and lied down like good little dwarves and awaited diagnosis, which was performed without trouble (although it was a bit delayed).

Some time after the diagnosis was completed, the mayor decided she was thirsty, and rather than wait for somebody to bring her water, she left the bed to fetch herself a nice barrel of wine to drink from, which also caused all scheduled treatment to be canceled. The other wounded dwarf went through a similar process, but when his diagnosis finished and he was about to be washed clean, he decided to leave the bed to do it himself (causing a bit of 0001023 until the soap was forbidden, at which point he just used a well) and his scheduled treatment was canceled as well.

In an attempt to rediagnose the mayor, a cave-in was caused, which resulted in her lying unconscious on the cavern floor again with nobody attempting to bring her to the hospital. She has not yet made her way back to the hospital, but I could fill in how that goes if it's helpful.
Steps To ReproducePresumably may happen to wounded dwarves during certain circumstances. Might be irrelevant but both dwarves had broken ribs. Probably related to 0000352 and similar problems.
Tagshealthcare, hospital, recover wounded, wound
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Mrcvb (reporter)
2010-08-06 14:49

After becoming conscious again, the mayor actually just keeps standing at the spot she fell down with "no job" active. She didn't receive any particular damage that would prevent her from walking, nor is she in pain or anything anymore. I'd have thought she'd at least go stand in her room or something if she's got nothing to do. No message spam or anything either.
Mrcvb (reporter)
2010-08-06 14:55

Never mind the last note, she was still assigned to the burrow I'd used to keep her in place for the cave-in.
Mrcvb (reporter)
2010-08-06 15:48

It seems that each time the surgeon attempts to treat her, she decides it's a perfect time to do something else, since her resting state has been canceled. First time, it was to clean herself since nobody had done that yet; then she went to bed again. Second time, she broke out of the planned surgery just to go back and rest again without doing anything else. Third time, she went away to drink again. The treatment wasn't canceled this time though, she's gone back to resting this time.
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-08-07 01:29

This is most likely some form of 0000309.
Mrcvb (reporter)
2010-08-07 07:49

Managed to get the mayor to start getting treated by deconstructing the tables in the hospital. If they were present, the surgeon would try to bring her to the table to perform the surgery, resulting in her canceling rest to go back to rest in the bed which in turn canceled the surgery (repeat to infinity). When the tables were removed, the surgeon could do his thing while she was resting in the bed without problem so far. It remains to be seen if there will be problems with some of the future treatments, especially when they try to put her on a traction bench.

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