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0003552Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2010-11-12 00:232011-02-28 21:30
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Summary0003552: Quest target not present at designated site.
DescriptionI was sent to kill the outlaw hammerman 'Isa Sweetsearch' at 'Snackedtome'. I followed the quest marker and reached the marked position, where I found and killed a hostile axeman, 'Pethit Conjurecreams'. There was no one else present, and I was not at 'Snackedtome', but 'The Fatal Hill'. Finding 'Snackedtome' on the quest menu, I selected it with [z], and discovered that it was somewhere else on the map. Maybe the quest marker lead me to the wrong outlaw?

Here's the save: [^]
In this save, I am right next to the corpse of the axeman we found after following the quest marker to the marked site. According to the quest map, 'Snackedtome' is a ways to the west.
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sylverone (reporter)
2010-11-12 00:38
edited on: 2010-11-12 00:44

Strangely, it just let me report the death of Isa Sweetsearch to a townsperson... but the only combat messages I ever saw were from fighting Pethit Conjurecreams and the local wildlife.

The townsperson I reported it to was at Snackedtome, the town that my mark was supposedly at.

Khym Chanur (reporter)
2010-11-12 03:05

I've had this happen to me multiple times. I wonder if the "boss" just wanders off before you can find it.
sylverone (reporter)
2010-11-12 09:17

I looked at the legends, and it said some random person in Snackedtome killed Isa Sweetsearch. Maybe a bug caused Isa to appear in town rather than in the wilds, and as a result the townspeople took care of him somewhere when I showed up there? Do hidden happenings not generate combat reports anymore?
Quietust (reporter)
2010-11-23 06:53

I've just been tasked to kill a goblin warlord - I snuck into his camp, located him, murdered all of his guards (intending to save him for last), then he seemingly wandered off. I've fast-travelled away from the site and back several times, but he's gone and the quest indicator doesn't tell me where he's run off to.

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