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0003874Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handlingpublic2011-01-06 14:172011-01-06 15:37
Assigned ToLogical2u 
PlatformCore Duo / GTX9800 / 4GB RAMOSVistaOS Version64 bit home prem
Product Version0.31.18 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003874: Dwarves fight over animals
Description  I've noticed that butchering, milking, and chaining / caging duries can cause dwarves to fight over animals for hours.

  Apparently prioritization of animal tasks needs some love.

  I've sat and watched my fortress starve while my butcher and my milker fight over a cow. Prioritize milking, then butchering?

  More frequently I see milking and chaining fights. Prioritize chaining over milking?

  Often I see butchering and chaining fights. Prioritize chaining over butchering?

  Basically I think that animals should have some sort of action queue, and if chaining is on that queue, the chaining should happen first, then milking then butchering?

  If such a thing has existed in the past, it no longer seems to work.
Steps To ReproduceEvery version of DF for the last year or so since I first noticed it has had this issue. All you need is a cow, a workshop, and a chain. put the meeting place between them, widely separated, and assign a milking job and a chaining job while dwarves with both milking and animal hauling jobs are free, and you will watch a tug-of-war.
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duplicate of 0000410resolvedToady One Creatures get fought over by dwarves trying to milk and cage them 
duplicate of 0001797resolvedToady One Dwarves play tug of war with caged animals marked for slaughter 

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Logical2u (manager)
2011-01-06 15:37

Covered under 0000410 and 0001797 I think.

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