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0004132Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshoppublic2011-03-06 07:032018-04-01 16:05
Assigned ToKnight Otu 
PlatformNotebookOSWindowsOS VersionVista
Product Version0.31.19 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004132: spinners will use hair from refuse stockpile to make thread, but unable to use the thread for clothmaking
Descriptioni have slaughtered some wild yak cows, after butchering them the spinner used the hair from them to create "yak cow hair thread" i have now 4 of those items, but now i always get an error i dont have 15000 thread to make clothing.
Additional Informationrelated but not sure if its same error:

also i have 1 troll fur yarn that was used by a doctor previously but not stored in hospital again (because over zealous dwarfs refilled the containr immediatly so the thread was just dropped after operation and then got to stockpile again)

so possibly its now 14999 or something thread and cant be used either, maybe the yak cow hair is only 3000 each or something so cant have 15k too. (i have 4 troll fur clothes so it worked with the other troll hair)
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-  Notes
Dwarfu (manager)
2011-03-11 09:16

For the healthcare use portion, see 0003147.
Rouilleur (reporter)
2011-03-26 14:15

Animal hair can't be used in order to make cloth.
It can only be used in hospital.

It's not a bug.

Note :
Your 4 "troll fur clothes" are made of troll FUR (can be weaved), not troll HAIR.
Rhenaya (reporter)
2011-03-27 06:36

i still had 1 troll fur yarn that cant be made into cloth, because it was used in hospital and then stored in cloth stockpile instead of the hospital container again. so something seems awry anyway. also if you cant see which stuff can be made into cloth or not, all i see "i have some yarn but cant make it into cloth somehow". that is confusing :x
Rhenaya (reporter)
2011-04-02 16:52

i also just noticed this "special" hair yarn will go on a stockpile marked for metal only
Skivverus (reporter)
2011-05-25 08:34

Have replicated this issue with a variety of animals, from camels to giant bats. This is is particularly irritating when yarn cloth is the one item your bookkeeper needs to complete his mysterious construction, and the next scheduled caravan is elves (who, being vegan, never carry yarn).
ptb_ptb (reporter)
2014-10-15 05:25

Why can animal hair not be used to make cloth? [^]

Possibly "Will not bring hair thread to cloth stockpile" thing should be a separate bug?
MrC (reporter)
2018-04-01 16:05

if hair yarn is dyed then it can be used to make cloth.

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