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0004580Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspensionpublic2011-04-26 16:242012-02-16 12:28
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PlatformOSwindows OS Versionxp
Product Version0.31.25 
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Summary0004580: Certain cages can't be used to reload cage traps
DescriptionCancellation spam on refilling cage trap, even though cages exist and are in a stockpile. Same cages won't show up in the trade menu. creating a new animal stockpile and changing the old stockpile to deny empty cages sent dwarfs to go move the cages to the new stockpile, but still didn't free the cages up to be used for traps or trade.
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Quietust (reporter)
2011-04-26 16:58

Do these cages contain any objects (e.g. plant seeds)?
hotcha (reporter)
2011-04-26 17:35

Nope, nothing in them. Another note - I went to the stocks menu and found 2 cages that had been forbidden from an earlier caravan. When I allowed those, the trap got refilled. however, the next time the traps were triggered, the same problem came back.
hotcha (reporter)
2011-04-26 17:47

Another Note - the cages were available to build. I built all of them, and then deconstructed them - they are still not being used to charge the cage trap.
kwieland (reporter)
2011-04-26 21:48

Are the mechanisms for the cages forbidden? If you do a d-b-f, then the traps will be forbidden, and the game will show a job "reload trap" but it will never happen. How bad is the spam? 1-2 times? 1800 times?

Can you provide a save?
hotcha (reporter)
2011-04-27 05:13

I don't think it's the traps, themselves. I bought new cages from a caravan, and those were loaded instantly. the problem is the stockpile of 20 or so empty cages that aren't being recognized.

TBH, my whole fortress seems bugged - I'm also having tons of dwarfs standing around with no job (such as my wood burner, who hasn't made charcoal in weeks), going on break in random places and falling asleep there (as opposed to using all the beds in either the hospital or the massive dorm)...

I've never put a save up online - where should I put it? - I've got a RAR of the contents of my region folder; is any other data necessary for someone else to play it?
kwieland (reporter)
2011-04-29 04:06

Bugged saves go under Bugged saves here: [^] a rar/zip of the region folder is all that is needed. I usually put in the game log file just in case. It is in the DF directory. If you think about it, Toady doesn't have time to reproduce all these bugs, so if he has a save he can load up, it makes it easier to actually fix the bugs.

Incidentally, my fort is now experiencing this same issue - almost to the T. I first noticed it with the stockpile of cages. Then I noticed that Did you deconstruct the animal stockpiles?

Here is my save [^]
hotcha (reporter)
2011-04-29 06:28

Thanks for the help, kwieland. I'm glad to know I'm not crazy. did your fort also seem to have "lackadaisical" job completion as well, like I was describing? (jobs assigned, cued in workshops, but the assigned dwarf standing around with 'no job' on the U screen?)
hotcha (reporter)
2011-04-29 06:32

Here's the save game [^]
kwieland (reporter)
2011-04-29 13:03
edited on: 2011-04-29 13:57

Not really. I did notice that a few dwarfs had a tendency to idle for longer than others before going and doing their jobs. I think this is related to their ethics. By the way, if you look at how many beasts are trapped in the save I posted it is probably over 300. I had three sieges in a row - just clean up from one and BOOM another one! I tend to use traps because then you can have one haul job vs 14 for the average equipped intruder.

I looked at your game. It looks like you are only using 9 traps by the front entrance? I didn't notice them having problems being restocked, but I haven't played it long. Nice design, by the way. I notice you've yet to explore the caverns. I typically wait for a good and strong military before I explore them.

I noticed that your save shows the same bug that I do - your dwarfs are not healing. In 40d, dwarfs would be injured (red/etc on health screen) but then they would heal back to the non-injured state. Your dwarfs don't heal from their wounds.

hotcha (reporter)
2011-04-29 19:35

yeah, I like to keep the cages to a minimum. And thanks for the comment - this is the first time i've gone for a larger project (not sure if pit and tower should be called a megaproject yet). The fort barely survived a tantrum spiral - check out the hundreds of coffins around the hospital level :D. As for the cages, the problem was semi fixed because I bought some cages off a trade caravan, and those were allowed to be utilized. I haven't tried to see if newly manufactured cages are also denied (nobody has triggered the traps recently). As for the hospital bugs - I'm not sure what to think. I had a couple dwarfs that were stuck on the traction benches for years, but i finally deconstructed them, and they went back to work. Right now i'm trying to figure out why my wood burner won't make charcoal... I love this game but it can get kinda frustrating sometimes!
kwieland (reporter)
2011-04-30 06:18

Amen. But once you figure it out, AH- hA! I'll cross post the save so Toady can look at it in the "dwarfs don't heal" bug.

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