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0005537Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2012-03-04 00:062012-12-25 10:05
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
StatusresolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformApple MacBook IntelOSMac OS XOS Version10.6.7
Product Version0.34.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005537: Reproducible Adv. Mode crash - on "zoom in" and "out" (general key binding)
DescriptionWhen "Zooming In" in Adventure Mode the game crashes. Seems to zoom out fine, but after a couple of zooms in, the game freezes. Only happen in full-screen.
Steps To ReproduceJust use the keys to Zoom In and Out from the "General" Keybindings menu. Game will freeze almost immediately.

<start example>

Resizing font to 12x18
Resizing font to 14x21
Resizing font to 16x24
src/g_src/ttf_manager.cpp:139: failed assertion `pixel_width >= ttf_width'
/Users/~my~name~here~/Desktop/df_osx/df: line 12: 4009 Abort trap ./dwarfort.exe

</ example>

Additional InformationI am playing version 0.34.04 on an apple laptop. I changed the keybinding for "general" - "zoom in" and "zoom out" to "right bracket" and "left bracket" respectively (for easier laptop play). I 've tested it over and over again, but haven't reset the keybindings to see if that's affecting it ('cause I can't remember the defults).

Additional additional Information: You guys make one of the greatest computer games IN THE WORLD!!!
Tagsadventure mode, adventurer mode, zoom in, zoom out
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related to 0002750resolvedBaughn Crash when zooming in Windowed mode (TrueType related) 

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dylthaavatar (reporter)
2012-03-04 00:10

PS. Bug is only produced in Adventurer Mode.
dylthaavatar (reporter)
2012-03-04 00:13
edited on: 2012-03-04 00:14

*I think this report would be better placed in the "Techical-General" category. I don't know who deals with these things but, sorry >;3

Logical2u (manager)
2012-03-04 06:28

You can edit your notes rather than making multiple notes in quick succession.

Are you using TrueType? Based on your report I suspect you are. Try disabling switching off TrueType in the init.txt file.

Are you playing with the game windowed or full-screen? To me this sounds like an adventure mode version 0002750.
Footkerchief (manager)
2012-04-14 14:52

No update from OP.

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