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0006452Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2014-03-04 01:162015-01-08 09:02
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
StatusresolvedResolutionnot fixable 
PlatformOSWindows 7 x64OS Version
Product Version0.34.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006452: Save crashes unless military is disbanded
DescriptionMy save file crashes every time after loading, after just a few minutes. I fiddled with a few things, but it is still crashing. This is in Dwarf Mode. I did NOT reclaim a fortress. This save file is from 0.34.11 and was also generated under 0.34.11.

I looked at other crash bug reports, and tried a few things already:
(1) Disabled TrueType before loading. Still crashes.
(2) In addition to (1), I had an item designated for melting. Seeing the other melt-related crash reports, I un-designated it, and triple-checked that I did not have anything else marked for melting. I removed the "melt items" job from the manager screen, and canceled the melting tasks in my 2 smelters. Saved, then loaded again. Still crashes.
(3) In addition to (1) and (2), I undeclared several wall and floor constructions. Still crashes.
(4) In addition to (1) through (3), I closed DwarfTherapist and stopped using DFHack, running the save in vanilla 0.34.11 (making sure to turn TrueType off again). Still crashes.

Things that are happening now in my save:
1. I was sieged by goblins recently. They are all dead or captured, and many dwarves are hauling loot that I designated to claim. Some hostiles (some from previous sieges) are in a pit that I was turning into a drowning chamber.
2. Some trade caravans that have been packing for months (and then locked in by my bridges while I dealt with the siege) are finally leaving. The on-foot merchants left right as the siege started, so they're long gone. There are five wagons. One is lagging behind the others. The other four leave the map before it crashes. The crash does not occur immediately as any one wagon leaves the map; it is several moments after 4/5 have left.
3. As I mentioned, I had some floors designated for building, and some walls queued that were manually suspended (to prevent my dwarves from standing there while building adjacent walls).
4. Miners are doing some underground digging and above-ground channeling (check northeast for the channeling).
5. There is an injured Marksdwarf sleeping in the Hospital, but no one enters the Hospital at the time of the crash. (There are other dwarves sleeping there too because I forgot to keep making bedrooms for new migrants... which is what my miners are doing ;P)
6. I have several burrows declared, but Civilian Alert is inactive and no one is assigned to any burrow except one vampire, clearly indicated by his nickname "Vampymayor" and walled-in prison cell. No legendary dwarf snacks for him.
7. The RAM consumed by Dwarf Fortress hovers around 500MB during runtime.

-I was not doing anything else I haven't done a million times. (Other dwarves are e.g. cooking meals or brewing or milking etc.)

"errorlog.txt" did not exist in my vanilla DF folder, so it seems no error report is generated from the crash.

Link to save file: [^]
Steps To ReproduceLoad save file, wait about 1 minute. Crashes before the fifth caravan (starts near the fortress entrance) enters the northwest tunnel.
Additional InformationFeel free to laugh at my horrid fortress design. It's only my second fortress, so there was very little planning ahead. :P

I would appreciate some help with, at the very least, getting my save file playable again. Thanks, and neat game!
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- Relationships
related to 0000536resolvedToady One Crash after unpausing - militia commander's squad info doesn't point back at squad 
related to 0003371new Non-fliers end up on top of walls (swapped positions with flying pets etc?) 

-  Notes
Geodew (reporter)
2014-03-04 03:38
edited on: 2014-03-04 04:16

D3 servers went down for maintenance, so I got bored and took a look at some older crash reports. I just saw this old issue: [^] (0000536)

I decided to give it a shot. Steps:
1. Disband all squads.
2. Vacate all military-related nobility positions (replace => set to Vacant).
3. Unpause.
4. Crash does NOT occur! Fifth caravan made it off the map, and still didn't crash 2 minutes later.

Thus perhaps this is a child of 0000536, which would mean the parent is NOT resolved.

Some additional information
-Running Win7 x64 with 3 sticks of 2GB DDR3 RAM, was using 3.5/6.0 GB during runtime

-Only using Dwarf Therapist to quickly examine Dwarf moods, and to change labors

-DF Hack: Was running the following at startup:
(this is my dfhack.init file contents)

# Bug 5994 - items teleported when removing a construction
binpatch apply deconstruct-teleport
binpatch apply deconstruct-heapfall
# Bug 4406 - hospital overstocking on all items
binpatch apply hospital-overstocking
# Bug 808 - custom reactions completely using up all of their reagents
binpatch apply custom-reagent-size
# Bug 4530 - marksdwarves not training when quiver full of combat-only ammo
binpatch apply training-ammo
# Bug 1445 - weapon racks broken, armor stand capacity too low
binpatch apply weaponrack-unassign
binpatch apply armorstand-capacity
keybinding add Alt-P copystock
tweak stable-cursor
tweak patrol-duty
tweak stable-temp
tweak fast-heat 500
tweak fast-trade
tweak military-stable-assign
tweak military-color-assigned
tweak military-training

-DF Hack: Also using "copystock" occasionally during runtime

Geodew (reporter)
2014-03-04 05:56

After letting it run for awhile, I noticed one of my dwarves managed to end up in an impossible location. It may be related to the crash...? [^]

That ramp is not there in the attached save; I just built it to get him down. (He fell asleep up there right before I finished building it.) The tiles in one z-level higher than the screenshot are solid ground. It may be worth noting that all of his military equipment is on the ground up there with him, so he may be there in the linked save file, as well. If you bring it up, take a look.

For the record, these floors were channeled out and these fortifications were built ages ago, and I'm positive no one got trapped up there. Long enough ago that any normal dwarf would have died up there by now.
Geodew (reporter)
2014-03-04 09:28

Small update: After letting it run for awhile and rescuing my stranded dwarf, I put my military back together, and the save is now running smoothly.
lethosor (manager)
2014-03-04 15:00
edited on: 2014-03-04 15:01

Dwarves in impossible locations reminds me of 0003371, although I'm not completely sure if that's what's happening here. I'll try to test this save when I get a chance and see if that's what happened.

Footkerchief (manager)
2014-03-04 18:33

Yeah, I'll add the relationship, although I doubt that part causes a crash.
Geodew (reporter)
2014-03-04 21:31
edited on: 2014-03-10 23:03

I forgot to mention, I also used DF Hack's liquids module to place a couple obsidian tiles because my dwarves were doing that bug where they stand on the location they're trying to build the wall in (despite available non-diagonal adjacent spaces). I wasted a lot of time trying to get them to do it legitimately, but eventually got frustrated and just placed a few obsidian walls.

(All these random details are just in case it matters, though I assume most of them won't.)

Footkerchief (manager)
2015-01-08 09:02

Since save compatibility has been broken since this report, it's hard to tell whether this crash has since been fixed. If anyone has a save that crashes under similar conditions in the latest version, please upload it to [^] and PM a manager on the forums (or reopen the report).

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